Thursday, August 23, 2018

Announcing my new *dark* pen name: Sinistre Ange!

Hello readers!

This year has been a lot of upheaval as I found out that I was sharing my alter-ego pen name "Dark Angel" with someone... and then the other Dark Angel was removed from Amazon for violating their Terms of Service... and so I decided to do a total re-brand of my dark and erotica works and will be publishing them under the name Sinistre Ange:

As Sinistre Ange I'm going to be doing some exciting things - including making some of the books available outside of Amazon! They're also getting proofreading updates and some of the short story anthologies are getting new material as well. If you already purchased the anthologies, don't worry - the new material will be uploaded automatically or will show up if you re-download the book through the "Manage Your Content" page on Amazon. For those of you who haven't picked up these books before, now is your chance! =) 

See below for the books which have already been re-released and I hope you enjoy my rebirth as Sinistre Ange!


Dark Tales

A collection of very Dark Erotica - the scenes are blazing, the relationships are not traditional (if they can even be considered relationships), and a happily-ever-after is not guaranteed. These tales are NOT for the faint of heart!

Click here for these five short stories!
Available EVERYWHERE for just 99 cents.


Annie and the Sybian
When Annie's parents' neighbor Mark tells her he has a Sybian, she doesn't know what that is, but when she gets back to college and looks it up, she becomes obsessed with the idea of riding one. Once she's back home on summer vacation, the opportunity arises when Mark leaves town and she's house-sitting for him.

But riding the Sybian is the least of Annie's dark fantasies, and when Mark returns and she finds out he has cameras down in his basement where the Sybian is located, she has an opportunity to live out more of her fantasies. She offers a trade: she'll ride the Sybian in front of Mark, live, if he'll delete the videos of her. Mark accepts the trade and Annie dives into an erotic, perverse rabbithole of sex for Sybian rides, pleasure for pleasure, and her darkest fantasies come true.

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Dominated by the Bull

Meg and Russ' sex life is becoming stale, but she's still shocked when he starts encouraging her to flirt with his co-worker Leo Crisp. She's also shocked by how attracted she is to the large, black, handsome man and how easy it is to follow his dominant commands.

With her husband's encouragement, Meg's reluctance is overcome... and then the tables are turned as she begins to truly enjoy her black bull and her husband becomes conflicted.

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Amaya's Old Fashioned Daddy

Amaya has always felt deprived of a real childhood. Her parents were more interested in social status and their business than anything else, and she and her siblings were expected to fall in line. From watching her friends, Amaya knows her childhood wasn't normal and so when she reads about the prison planet Hebe where nonviolent criminals can choose to be sent, she's immediately interested. Hebe sounds like exactly what she wants - she can have a second childhood and still all the fun, sexy parts of being an adult.

Unfortunately for Amaya, she didn't read the fine print, and her new Papa and Nanny are much stricter than she ever imagined they would be.

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Enjoy your time on the dark side and Stay Sassy,


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