Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Hello 2019 - Goals for the Year!

My goodness 2018 was a heck of a ride...

Not just because I found out I was pregnant in February either, although that had a lot to do with it! LOL. I'd gone into the year off birth control for the first time since I was 18, so I was hoping to get pregnant during the year, I just didn't think it would happen so fast. It def made things interesting since I had also given myself the goal of trying to have a release a month!

I didn't quite make that goal since I missed January and June, but I did have three releases in August, so I feel like that makes up for it. I'm counting short stories in anthologies and the box set for the first three Stronghold books that I released in December in all that, so it's a liiiiittle cheatery (esp with the box set) but whatever.... I had a baby. I get to be a little cheatery on that goal lol.

I was kind of hoping to end this year with the option of being able to quit my day job if I wanted to... well, I'm not quite there yet, but I am close! So maybe by the end of 2019 I'll be able to make that choice =) The fact that I'm close makes me incredibly excited because I honestly thought that was an incredibly unrealistic goal when I made it last year. We'll also have to see how this goes this year since I won't have as many new releases AND baby is going to bring new expenses!

It's been a great year though. I've had such a blast doing things like meeting new authors, going to my first ever convention, being invited to be part of the Masters of the Castle world (that still makes me want to cry whenever I think about it), getting my first #1 orange banners on Amazon, AND Lee Savino and I hit the Kindle Unlimited All Stars for Alien Captive! Freaking amazing.

If this year is half as good, I'll be thrilled... if it's better, then maybe I'll have reached that goal I thought was so unattainable!

Because of the new delight in my life, my wonderfully sweet and adorable daughter, I don't know exactly how much time I'm going to have for writing though, so instead laying out a writing release schedule with goal dates, here's my writing release goals for the year with very open time periods for their release... lol. If I make all of these, it will be a very happy miracle!

Chasing His Polar Bear - Winter 2019

My current WIP! I only have the prologue and first chapter finished, but my beta readers have enjoyed that tiny bit. I'm hoping that going back to work and getting back to my regular schedule will help me get back into the swing of writing and that I'll be able to get this baby out before March. This is Eli and Sheila's story and the only book in the series that will NOT be about a Bunson Family member (which is also why it's not going to release on April Fools Day)

Alien Tribute - co-written with Lee Savino - Winter / Spring 2019

The follow-up to Alien Captive and the second book for the Tsenturion Masters. Since both Lee and I have babies, we're letting ourselves take this one as we can. We have started it... we haven't gotten very far with it. LOL. I'm super hopeful that we'll be able to get it out before the summer though. We're both very excited about Bogdan and Pareena and have been bouncing tons of ideas off of each other even though we haven't gotten very far with the actual writing of.

Chasing His Honey Badger - April 1, 2019

This is one of two books that gets that hard release date, only because April Fools Day is ALWAYS when my Big Bad Bunny books release =) I'm SO excited about Brice and Rana. I've been dying to write a honey badger shifter book for ages, and Rana and her pack of sexy misfits are going to be getting into all sorts of shenanigans.

Venus Wedding - Spring 2019

This is going to be a novella along the lines of Pieces of Stronghold. All the events will be centered around Jessica, Justin, and Chris' commitment ceremony, giving us a kind of epilogue to both the Venus Rising Quartet and the Stronghold Doms series =) Multiple points of view and what should amount to a few short stories from most, if not all, the members of the two series.

Marriage Training - May 14, 2019

This one gets a release date because it's already available for pre-order! This is my very first traditionally published book and I'm so excited about it. It was originally a story on Literotica, it's been re-written and re-worked to have a lot more romance and a lot more interaction between the two main characters. I'm really happy with how it's turned out and hope you all will be too!

Daddy-Dom Collaboration book - Summer 2019

The author admins of the Dirty Daddies Party Room on Facebook are going to some kind of Daddy Dom collaboration this summer!

Victorian book - Summer 2019

So far unnamed, this will be the first book in the series that Mary and Hartford will be a part of. I am not sure what the series will be called yet, much less the actual book. The plot is still percolating a little. I can tell you that it's going to have four books, starring Mary and three of her friends as the heroines, and there's going to be intrigue, treason, spies, and spankings =)

Alien Daddy - co-written with Lee Savino - Summer / Fall 2019

Arkdhem's book ;) The third book for the Tsenturion Masters. Again... just a goal, but I have high hopes.

Becoming His Kitten by Sinistre Ange - the 3rd Planets Apart book - Fall 2019

The third book will take us to the planet Sirius, which is devoted to pet play, and a naughty convict destined to become a stern master's sweet kitty.

Masters of Marquis book - Fall / Winter 2019

Oh man... this is going to be the first book in the new Masters of Marquis series, the spin-off to the Stronghold Doms... and there are currently several couples battling it out in my head to get the first book. The possibilities include an MMF story with Kincaid and Zach, or Nate and Avery, or Brian and Rae... and I just don't know yet!!!! I can't wait to find out who pushes their way out of my head first though =D

So those are the goals... who knows, maybe I'll manage to write even more, but if I can do this many, I'll be STOKED.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you're as excited about 2019 as I am!


  1. Let me know what I can do to help you make the USA Today Bestsellers list. What media, what timeframe will give you the most bang for the buck. Do I buy Audible first of the month? Kindle (don't think so some how) or hard copy? A particular book (I have my favorites, but anything for the Cause) or any?

  2. These look like amazing goals and I think I'll end up reading most of them :D Good luck and have fun writing them, I'll def have fun reading them!

  3. Is the Masters of Marquis series still coming along? Would love to read about Zach and Kincaid!

    1. Hello! It is, but Mitch's book was going to be first and he works in a hospital. I was working on his book when COVID-19 started and I've had to take a break. It will be out later this year though! and I might write a novella for Zach and Kincaid first =P They're going to get a full length book at some point with a third, but I'd love to see their actual getting together.