Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!!!

I love Saint Patrick's Day. It's quite possibly one of my favorite holidays, right under Christmas and next to Halloween.

Actually, really, I love every holiday, but St. Patrick's does have a special place in my heart for two reasons.

1. Boondock Saints

2. An excuse to dress up entirely in green and try to outdo EVERYONE.

On holidays like Saint Patrick's day I turn into an attention whore. I want everyone to be like "Holy crap, check out that chick... she's crazy, but she's awesome!"

I can wear head to toe green. I own green everything. Well, except green underwear but people can't tell that by looking at me and ONE DAY my outfit will be complete and I will have it!

Last year I was in Savannah for the second largest Saint Patrick's celebration in the United States.  This year I had to work.  I still spent all weekend celebrating... but I miss the awesomeness of last year.

Ah well. Happy St. Pattys! And remember, go green or go home!

Edit (1pm): Just finished writing Birching His Bride! SOOOO excited. Gonna work on revisions/editing so that I can get it published ASAP!!! Also gonna try to work a bit on chapter 3 of Marriage Training today!!!! Feeling super green and motivated ;) It also means that I can focus much more on the last Venus Book and get that out in the next couple of months!!! SUPER YAY!


  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Love, Lust, and Rambling. I leave you with this poem. Roses, are red, and her panties are green. On this St. Paddy's Day, let's spank every Irish Colleen.

  2. Thank you goldenangel, I love you to. So thank's and spank's.