Thursday, March 7, 2013

Special Deal

Not one of mine, but a good deal that I thought I should share =) Sierra Cartwright, who has written a couple of books that I really like, has a new book out and it's available for 99 cents, for what I'm assuming is a limited time since most of her books are more than that. So if you'd like to check out a new author, I haven't read this particular book (With This Collar) yet but I have enjoyed ones that she previously wrote and so for me it was an automatic buy considering the price.

Anyway... I am back from Costa Rica! It was amazing and gorgeous and I saw a ton of wildlife - crocodiles, sloths, iguanas, some spiders that I could have really done without seeing, monkeys, awesome little crabs (one of which I shared a bathroom with... I named him Sherman), macaws, and even a toucan! Seriously an amazing place.  If you ever get a chance, you should go... take a canopy tour! That's where you zipline through the rainforest. AMAZING. Also, the Manuel Antonio National Park - def take the tour with a guide or you'll miss out on a LOT of wildlife... I don't know how they spotted half the animals that they did, but they are DAMN good at it. I also stacked up some injuries during a surfing lesson, but holy crap was it cool. I may have to eventually use it as a location for a story... watch, I'll work it into one of my books. =)

I did not get as much writing done down there as I had hoped, partly because I was busy doing awesome activities and partly because I was down there for a specific family event and so was also spending a lot of time with my family.  Which was really nice, but not very conducive to writing. But I'm back now and feeling pretty good... should be jumping back into the writing and hopefully getting some things done despite my day job work load.

I'm soooooo close to finishing Birching His Bride, the first book in the Domestic Discipline quartet (those are the winners of the votes... Domestic Discipline beat out Passion and Punishment by only 2 votes!!!).  Hoping to finish that by the end of this upcoming week and have it out by next weekend... and of course still working on Venus and Marriage Training.  Chapter 2 of MT was pretty well received, Chapter 3 is rather challenging because it's not the type of scene that I normally write, in fact if I have written an enema scene before I can't remember it, but I'm always up for a challenge!

Anyway, I hope everyone's been doing well while I was away... and back to work for me now!

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