Monday, March 17, 2014

Request From A Friend

So I was at a bit of a loss of what to write about... I've been insanely busy with work and life and I haven't gotten as much writing done as I would like (still only about halfway through the next Wolf chapter, although I'm hoping to get more done today) and I was like crap... what do I blog about?  I have nothing?

Then I got a request from a fellow author, wondering if I could help them out on my blog because she's canvasing opinions to help her with a story idea and I have such responsive blog readers =)  This kind of came at a perfect time since I don't really have much to say but it's been almost a week since I blogged anything at all!  So on my end, I don't have much new to report.  I'm enjoying working on Taming the Tease and I'm really hoping to have enough time to finish the next chapter of Taken by the Wolf by the end of this week if not before.  Have a bit of extra time today thanks to snow, so we'll see.

Anyway, here's a scenario from a fellow author of mine:

I am sketching out a new book and things are slowly coming together. The story follows a young woman (definitely not me because young was a while ago) who is so fed up with the useless men around her that she sits down to write a manual to teach them how to do sex right. I have the outline in my head, and some of the characters, but would appreciate your help with the very beginning.

Her decision to write the manual is triggered by a chance encounter. She is staying in a normal hotel and is feeling bored and alone. She goes to the bar with the intention of picking up a suitable guy and possibly indulging in some naughty casual sex - something she has never done before. She meets a well-dressed man, confident man who buys her a drink, manages an intelligent conversation that is mostly about her and not him, and makes it politely clear that he would love to take her back to his room. She accepts and then he says something that makes her think he might not be as cool as she had thought [Question 1]. She brushes it aside and follows him anyway.

They go back to his room and he does quite well. She gives him control (something we will discuss later in the book because no-one leads me too much for too long), and he gets them both naked and into bed. As normal for her, she lies back to let him bring her to ecstasy, but then he does something, or does something in a certain way, [Question 2] that shows he really does not know what he is doing. For her, it is game over as a result but she lets him get on with things, and then leaves.

Next day, on the long drive home, she mulls over what had happened the previous night, and decides it is time to write a book to instruct the male race on how to treat women. Of course, the adventure of writing the book brings surprises, and surprising characters make positive and negative contributions. The final book turns out to be much less one-sided than she had thought, and a lot more fun as a result.

Now, please, help me with the two questions. What might he have said? How did his incompetent love-making feel to her? What exactly did he do to convince her that he was totally hopeless? If you are anything like me, you can probably remember promising chances that turned out to be mistakes. I would love to hear about them...


  1. Question 1 - something giving away that he's married?
    2 - Did he change positions too much?
    Actually, for 2 just thought of several times when a man has just stuck his fingers in me and shoved them around, or not realised another finger is hurting me, etc. I've had some bad/painful experiences with fingering, and sometimes from men who've been great with their cocks and tongues.

  2. Married - of course! Thanks for that.
    And yes - clumsy fingers. don't these guys think?

  3. Or to say that he won't go down on a woman, 'Doesn't like the taste' or similar.
    I had one guy I barely knew or fancied start talking dirty to me and it just turned me off completely. (Several people get my characters confused with me, which is...odd.)
    There's always weird sex noises too. Or body smells.

  4. #1 -- Wait 'till I tell -- the boys back home/ my brother/ my dart league -- about you

    #2 Rubs her clit so hard (she thinks he's trying to rub it out)

  5. As for what he could have said, how about something like I meet most of my sex partners this way, or something about how he met his last girlfriend this way, or the last person he hooked up with at a bar gave him chlamydia. Or on the way to the hotel room upstairs he wants to stop at the gift shop and wants her to pay for the condoms?

    During sex, maybe he finds oral sex really distasteful, wiping his mouth on the sheet or getting up to gargle in the br, after she has willingly given a blow job.

    Or , how about jack rabbit sex ( remeber the sex and the city episode? ) just bam, bam, bam...

    Maybe he can't find her clit? Even after she tries to show him where it is?

  6. Thanks so much - great ideas. Keep them coming please - they are all useful.Can relate to 'can't find her clit' - Jeez, how hard can that be?

  7. Oh yeah, refusing to kiss her after a BJ. I mean, wtf? Perhaps you should keep your bits cleaner if you don't want to kiss me after? Twat.

  8. What about the guys who get themselves off and just leave you hanging?

  9. Felt like I should chime in, since I haven't yet lol. Was too busy to actually write out my own ideas when I first posted this blog =D

    1. I once knew a guy who constantly quoted the Anchorman "I have a situation I need to walk off" line whenever he had an erection. I always thought that was kind of lame, but it was also kind of funny in a lame way so it's the kind of thing that could be brushed off.

    2. With the fingering, also just shoving them in too far... my pussy lips are sensitive and if your hand is just jamming up against them over and over again that's an unsexy OUCH even if I do like it rough. Another thing for me, is when a guy goes straight for my nipples and starts tugging/pinching without any kind of warm-up and like the rest of my boobs don't even exist. I like the WHOLE thing stimulated, it feels good and I mean... my boobs are kind of huge. I don't even understand the guys that aren't interested in at least a squeeze or two before going for my nipples. I assume they think that the nipples are the most sensitive part, but that doesn't make them the only part that wants attention!

    1. If he intimated a BJ or handjob putting himself first seems to me a no-no.

      I like to exercise caution when in a first-time encounter. A moan or breathy 'yes' usually signals full speed ahead. I like inhaling a boob ( or as much as I can ), squeezing one while licking areola, switch boobs, and go to nipple licking , nibbling, sucking in conjunction with labial rubbing and fingering. I learnrd many moons ago clits are extremely sensitive little fellers.