Saturday, March 29, 2014

Taken By the Wolf Ch. 18

More proof that Literotica's release times for stories are unpredictable! lol.  As if I needed more proof.  Chapter 18 of Taken by the Wolf is now out!  It's got a little bit more with Trish and Jordan, and also sets up Bella and Alex to go back down the rabbit hole.  Some people might find where I'm going with this in Chapter 19 a bit frustrating... just remember, two steps forward, one step back ;)  This is going to be one of the longest series I've ever written for Lit, but it's also nearing it's end... we're somewhere around 2/3 of the way through!

This week I've had a bit more time to do some writing, which has been wonderful... I'm actually almost done with the next chapter of From Terra.  I have a busy weekend but I'm hoping to finish it up and submit it by Monday evening =D  And I've been getting a bit more work done on Taming the Tease.  I'm hoping I might be able to release that at the end of April / beginning of May.  It'll really depend on my workload at the beginning of April

Weekends... I'm just crazy busy. 

Oh, and good news, those of you looking for autographed copies of Venus School, I'm going to be ordering them on Monday, so hopefully they won't take too long to get here and I'll be able to set up a way to get them out to those of you who want them!

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  1. Loved chapter 18. I really like seeing Jordan/Trish. And I was wondering when Bella would get jealous of their interaction, so very different from how the Wolf treats her. I bet she would be so much more obedient if the Wolf would take a page from Jordan's book. :) Still loving this series.