Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I'm back!

I'm back from DragonCon!

My head is still not on straight though.  It's all cosplaycosplaycosplay up in here.  Doesn't help that I have a possible photo shoot this upcoming weekend and a definite one next weekend, and then a wedding to go to in Denver the weekend after that!  EEP.  Talk about overscheduling myself.  UGH.  Why do I do this?

I've told my friends that I'm a cosplay masochist because I always choose complicated shit (which is kind of good cuz it's always pushing me to learn new things and improve) but now I'm starting to think that maybe I'm a life masochist too.


So, good news, something new is coming out soon, mostly because I had nothing to do with it!  I'm reviewing the audio book for The Venus School and so far it's sounding AMAZING.  Love the girl who's doing the reading, I think she's got a super sexy voice.  I've just gotta finish the review and approve the book so hopefully that should be available sometime next week!  YAY!  If it seems like it's something people are into, hopefully she'll be willing to do the second book as well =)

In the meantime... I've overscheduled my writing stuff as well.  Because I'm a writing masochist.  My  main focus is on Breaking the Chain, but I also have a commissioned work that I've gotta finish by next Friday, as well as trying to finish Marriage Training for the poor writing agent who has been waiting fricking forever.  On the side I also have the reader requests for Literotica, my next Dark Angel book, and a surprise book that I'm hoping to have up for pre-sales by March (my first pre-sales book!) that will release April 1st.

All this while doing my usual life stuff of fall Renn Fair, cosplay, friends' birthdays (I swear, they were all born in the fall!), my wedding anniversary (this month), holidays. spending time with friends and family, and my day job.


But like a true masochist... I do it because I love it.  Even when it hurts.


  1. #transcendentmasochism the new "glutton for punishment" Thank you.

  2. Great you're back I am waiting for more content. When will you release something?

    1. Well Philip's Rules just came out in August. Breaking the Chain from the Stronghold series is up next and I'm aiming for a November release, but definitely before Christmas. Other than that, I should have some Lit stories coming out soon =)