Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ramble Rumble

It was pointed out to me that it's been 5 days since my last post, and since I know I'm not going to post another one in the next couple days (going out of town for a wedding, as well as celebrating mine and Hubby's wedding anniversary tomorrow!) I figured I'd come on here and ramble a bit about what I'm up to lately.

If you follow my facebook, you already know that I've rewritten the entire outline for Breaking the Chain.  Lots of things changed when I decided to write Pieces of Stronghold.  I introduced Kate an entire book earlier than I meant to; originally the scene where she comes to defend Leigh in the parking lot was slated to happen towards the end of Leigh's book.  But I like it better this way because she and Andrew (and everyone else) will have more time to adjust to her presence.  Things are going to be dramatic enough between them anyway.

Speaking of drama... Breaking might be the most dramatic book in the series so far.  I'll give the same spiel I gave Facebook - there's gonna be crazy "take me back" antics, a public spanking, almost sex between exes, magic pussy, a proposal, a rejection of a proposal, a fight, some injuries, a hospital visit and a pregnancy.  I'm pretty freaking excited about all of it.  Granted, my characters don't always follow the outline they're given, but I think Jared and Leigh might be a little different.  They seem to like the re-write and so far I haven't had to do any new re-writes =P Which is unusual and exciting LOL

Ack.  Anyway.  I haven't started yet on any new Lit stories.  Things have just been crazy.  IRL I have all my cosplay stuff that's going on, my friends, a wedding this weekend, my family, and hubby... our 4 year wedding anniversary is tomorrow =)  Our tradition is to order Chinese food and watch our wedding video, usually followed by sex and then watching something nerdy.  Lately we've been watching the Netflix Daredevil tv series.  It's not my favorite superhero tv series, but it's soooooo much better than the Ben Affleck movie.  Then we have to get up super early on Friday morning to head to the airport.  It'll be nice to get away for the weekend and celebrate good friends getting married =D  Plus... hotel sex.  I don't know why but hubby and I just love hotel sex.

So ah... after that TMI back to my writing stuff lol.  Another reason I haven't been getting much done for Lit is that I've been working on two other projects when I'm not in the mood for Breaking, but I am going to try to get something done for the website soon.

In the meantime... Philip's Rules might be my most popular book to date and I just want to thank you all for reading / leaving reviews.  I love that book and I'm so happy and excited that everyone else seems to also.  It's been super exciting lately because as I scroll through the "if you like this, you might like this" feed on Amazon of the books I'm reading, suddenly MY book will pop up!  Right alongside major authors that are published through a publishing company!  And every time it's like Christmas for me =)  So thank you all very, VERY much for reading, leaving reviews, making recommendations, and giving me warm fuzzies on the regular =)


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!! Have a great weekend.

  2. Man the first time you saw your own book as a recommendation, I bet that was an amazing feeling.

    Also, I never mentioned it, but I *LOVE* the nick names for all the guys at Stronghold. Especially Crusty Cock. Fantastic. Your list of things to be in the next book just makes me demand more teasers and faster release!

    More teasers! Write faster! Again I am left with the sensation of wanting to just read it straight out of your head, but I still feel creepy. Oh well.

    1. It really was!

      LOL thank you! I thought Crusty Cock was rather inspired myself lol. Trust me, you don't want to see what's in my head, it's all confused and non-linear. Reading the finished product is much more interesting, because it actually makes sense!