Wednesday, May 31, 2017

All The New Things!

So, if you missed my Facebook live feed on Sunday, there's a lot going on!

I'm currently working on making all my series titles (Venus Rising Quartet, Stronghold, Domestic Discipline Quartet, Bridal Discipline, and Big Bad Bunnies) available in paperback on Amazon by the end of June!  So far the Venus Rising Quartet is the only one that is totally completed, but I have the first 2 1/2 books of the Stronghold series already available and I'm about halfway through getting Mastering Lexie submitted.  Birching His Bride is also already available.

If you would like a signed copy of anything, there are two ways to do that:

1. The free option - just email me at and let me know that you'd like a virtual signing.  All I'll need is who you'd like it made out to and your address, and I will sign a sticker (just like these: ) and mail it to you and you can put it in your book!

2. The more expensive option - So, I'm not doing any signings of my books anywhere in the near future, but if you email me, I can purchase the books that you're interested in, sign them, and mail them to you.  In the US this will cost $25 per book for most of the books (books like Birching His Bride and On His Knees, which are shorter and therefore cheaper would be more like $15 per book), outside of the US it would very likely be more but I'd have to check into shipping.  It's pricey, but I still wanted to make it an option if anyone is interested.

That's what's going on in the Amazon / paperback world.  I'm also going to try to step up on getting more audiobooks available once I'm done with these.

Another new thing that's happening is I've started making my books available on which is a website that specializes in giving you books on your phone.  You just download the app and the books are already formatted to be read on your phone, and you pay by the chapter so if you decide you don't like a book and want to stop reading halfway through, you've only paid for what you've actually read.  It's a pretty cool premise.

I'm going to use it in two ways (and I'll be announcing on Facebook every time I put out totally new content on it, so if you follow my page you'll have a good idea what's going on, although I will also periodically update this blog with information about what I'm doing on Radish).

1. Three weeks before a new release is going to be out, I'll release one chapter a week on Radish.  Since the first three chapters on Radish are always free, this will give everyone a chance to read the beginning of the book at the same time without having to pay for any content twice.  The rest of the book will be made available on Radish on the same day it's released everywhere else, so people can choose what platform they'd rather read the full book on.

2. I have an entirely new book - well, kind of an old book since it's actually the first thing I've ever written - which I'll be releasing exclusively on Radish first using their Freemium option - Freemium makes the first three chapters free and after that, every week, a new chapter is released for free, so you can either wait and get a chapter a week for free OR pay to read chapters early.  I was planning on publishing this book sometime next year, so I figure releasing it on Radish first will be a good way for me to get feedback / gauge interest in the book.

My new-old book!  Is going to be part of a series.  I'm torn about what to call it because I REALLY want to call it Movies Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations About Vampires, but because it's going to be part of a series I'm not totally sure I'll be able to keep up with the need for awesome titles like that.  We'll see.  At the moment I have three books in my head for it and it may just end up being a Trilogy (MGMUEAV, then Movies Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations About Life, and Movies Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations About Love).  The other titles I've come up with in my head are Before the Dawn, In The Light of Day, and A Hot Night, but I'm a little worried they're too close to being Twilight-y.

Why is the next chapter of Taken by the Viking taking so long?  Ugh, a couple reasons.  One is that Michael and Ellie have lodged themselves so firmly in my head and are so demanding (not to mention I feel the deadline approaching and I always focus more before the deadline) that there's not much room for any other characters.  Jordan and Trish have been pushed back inside my head and it's possible I won't get their next chapter out until after I've finished Michael & Ellie's book.  This is also largely due to the fact that I currently have less time for writing right now too.  We're about to go on vacation with hubby's family next week, I'm organizing things for my bestie's bridal shower and bachelorette party which are happening in the next couple of months, and as soon as hubby and I get back from vacation we only have a couple days and then it's AwesomeCon and I have a BUNCH of work to do on my cosplays before the con (ONLY 15 DAYS LEFT!!! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!)  On top of all the regular work, friend, family, sick kitty, life stuff.  So, unfortunately, Trish and Jordan are on the back burner until I can get Stripping the Sub done (hopefully before my self-imposed deadline).

I'm a little more than halfway through StS, but I'm moving FAST.  If I can keep up my current writing schedule, even with everything else going on, the book is still on track to come out June 20.  Hopefully I'll have it out for pre-order by the 10th.  If you're wondering about whether the first chapters will be up on Radish - yes they will be!  The prologue will be posted tomorrow and I'll make a Facebook announcement once it's live =)

Later this summer, once I'm sure people have had a chance to read StS, I'll be asking all of YOU who the next Stronghold book should be - Jake or Olivia!  but first read the book because that way you'll be able to make an informed decision ;)

Okay... so... is there anything else?  Paperbacks, signings, Radish, TbtV, StS release... I think that's it?  If you can think of anything I missed, let me know!


  1. What about Benedict's Commands �� I can't wait

    1. That's coming immediately after Stripping the Sub! I'll be aiming for a September release =)

  2. So doing option 2 for Taming the Tease!!!

  3. Oh! So, Jordan and Trish have been pushed in the back burner? Let's hope they'll come back from their exile with a vengeance!
    (Maybe in a book of their own...)