Monday, January 12, 2015

Coming Soon... Dark Angel

So, I don't actually have a release date for anything right now, mostly because it's busy season at my day job so my free time / writing time has gotten substantially less... but I'm still working on stuff.  Just don't know when I'll be done with it =D

But, I wanted to talk a bit about the stuff that I'm working on.  I've mentioned the quartet that I'm going to be writing for my Dark Angel pen name a couple of times, figured I should blog a little bit more about it specifically.  It's set in the future when humanity has spread out among the stars and are living on different planets, most of the planets belong to the Allied Planets.  There are outlaws, of course, which is why there's a need for the AP.  The biggest rule among the Allied Planets is that everyone needs to be productive.  Criminals, especially, are considered unproductive and are usually given two choices (depending on the severity of their crime) - relocation to either the Colonies or one of four planets that cater to certain fetishes.  Slang term - prison planets.

The Colonies are dangerous and (like Australia once was a penal colony) filled with criminals, so most people don't really want to go to them until they've been civilized a bit.  Especially women.  SO people with lesser crimes often want to go to the prison planets.  The planets advertise themselves to the inmates, who then make a choice, but they also have to be chosen by a representative of the planet.  Here's the rundown:

Named for an ancient goddess, half human and half cow, the population of Hathor is a male-dominated society, with a few prominent female citizens.  Hathor is one of the richest planets in the Aligned Worlds due to rare mineral deposits within its crust.  
Inmates chosen for Hathor will be given a painless injection that will alter their body chemistry, increasing breast size and stimulating lactation.  The secondary export of Hathor is breast milk, which is acquired from the herds of female 'cows.'  You will have no responsibilities other than to produce this product.  You will be sheltered, fed, watered, pleasured and cared for.  

Some of the cows are chosen as personal pets by the citizens and live in their main houses.  The rest are housed together.  At the age of fifty, all non-pet cows are retired, their body chemistry returned to normal, and spend their next fifteen years either watching over the herd or assisting in their master's household.  At sixty-five, herd cows are allowed to choose to continue in their current position or retire to one of the many group homes.
Hebe was the Greek Goddess of youth and the planet was so named for her as the native fauna and flora has many rejuvinating qualities that are used in lotions and treatments throughout the galaxies.  It is also appropriately named, because of the customs of the citizens.  
Inmates who choose Hebe as their final destination will be taken as a bride or groom by one of Hebe's leading citizens.  Marriages on Hebe are unlike marriages in the rest of the Aligned Worlds, however, and inmates should be aware that they will be treated as the irresponsible and naughty little boys and girls that they are.  You will be housed, clothed, fed, instructed and punished when it is deserved.  
Customary punishment on Hebe includes spankings, strappings, birchings, canings, enemas, nudity, and the withholding of sexual pleasure.  You will have no rights other than the ones granted to you by your spouse, however, you will be cared for completely and no lasting or permanent harm ever comes to the inmates chosen as little spouses on Hebe.
Located in Canis Major, the inhabitants of Seirios are animal lovers, especially of cats and dogs, although some more exotic earth animals are represented as well, such as foxes and rabbits.  However, these animals are mostly represented by the inmates that end up on Seirios.
Clothing and decorative anal plugs are used to approximate the look of these animals, and the inmates are adopted as pets by the citizens of the planet.  As a pet, you will learn to do tricks, please your masters, and behave.  Pets are pampered and well cared-for by their loving owners.  Abuse of pets is not tolerated, however, corporeal punishment is an acceptable manner of corrective errant behavior.
Famed for its unique and irregular stables, Xanthos is also famous for its extravagant tournaments, featuring trained pony girls and boys which are taken from among the inmates who express an interest in Xanthos.  If you are willing to work hard at your training, you can become a prize-winning and pampered steed.  Those who are not are relegated to more menial tasks.  A few well-trained ponies are taken into the local households, usually after having won coveted prizes.
Older ponies are taken care of in group homes, following their retirement, unless they have been taken into a household.
The description was lacking, but Xanthos was the first to have pictures.  Lots of pictures.  Men and women, mostly naked, with plumed tails hanging from their bottoms and strange looking shoes strapped around their feet.  Some were strapped to carriages, some were running over what looked like obstacle courses, and all of them were smiling happily.

So those are some clips from the book so far =)

I'm currently working on the first book, which will be about a woman who goes to Hathor, Margaret.  She did the future equivalent of drinking and driving and ended up running her vehicle into a pre-school, accidentally killing several children.  Because she's a good person who made a horrible mistake, she's pretty upset, and absolutely thinks that she deserves her punishment; in fact, is worried about getting off too easily.  Becoming a hucow, put in a herd where she can't hurt anyone and is taken care of for the rest of her life, sounds almost too good to be true at this point in her life.  Especially because she knows some of the milk that hucows make go to orphanages and children across all the Allied Planets, so it's a way of atoning.  What she doesn't expect is for the representative for Hathor, Leo, to take an interest in her from the very beginning.


  1. Hi Angel :)
    Well love all the different planets BUT i especially love the first...i have a thing for hucow ;) but very few stories that i like... so i will be looking forward to that :)

    Hugs and kisses

    1. YAY! That's actually a huge relief to hear =D The hucow fetish def has some stuff that I'm interested in, and I occasionally read the stories, but I have to admit, I was a bit worried that none of my usual readers would be into ANY of this stuff. Thank you so much for commenting and letting me know that my worries were unfounded!

    2. Well worry not my darling for i am reaaalllyyy into that...maybe because i have big breast...i don't know...also because i breastfed three girls and use those machines to collect the milk i had i excess...sorry for the detailed description but it could come from that time..

      Hugs and kisses

    3. LOL that's not really detailed at all... you should see some of the emails I get! =) Makes sense to me. I haven't had a kid yet, but hubby and I are talking about me going off my birth control this fall, and I've def become way more fascinated with any breastmilk fetish stuff ever since we've been seriously discussing it!