Friday, January 30, 2015

Hathor Teaser

So, here's another glimpse into the book I'm writing for my Dark Angel pen name, the hucow / breast milk fetish one.  Granted, it's probably not for everyone, but hopefully some of you will find it interesting =)

"Welcome aboard, welcome, thank you," said Warden Kase, a stout man of middling age with a large bald spot on the front of his forehead.  He was a remarkably cheerful Warden, probably Leo's favorite.  
Leo had been representing Hathor and choosing the new cows for about five years now, and the prison ships came around about twice a year.  So far he'd met four different Wardens, but he felt that Kase had the best handle on the inmates' states of mind and on recommending their placements.
He smiled a greeting at the other representatives, whom he all recognized; Carolina from Hebe, Morgan from Xanthos, and Brock from Seirios.  Carolina had been a representative for about ten years, but she never seemed to tire of it.  A lot of representatives eventually got bored with finding new immigrants and placing them, or they found their own reason to stay at home in the form of a special pet or (in Hebe's case) a little.  But Carolina remained unattached.  Morgan had started representing Xanthos around the same time as Leo, and this was Brock's second time on board one of the prison ships.  Still, privately Leo thought that Brock had done well last time, choosing who he would be taking back to Seirios with him.  He was sure Brock would do well again.
It was important work.  All of their worlds needed new blood coming in to cater to the citizens' desires.  But they had to choose carefully.  After all, the men and women they were choosing from were criminals.  None of them hardened, but they weren't innocent either.
The Allied Worlds preferred a humane approach to dealing with most criminals.  Most established planets, unless they rigorously controlled immigration like Hathor and the others did, had an overpopulation problem.  They didn't want to house inmates in prisons.  Besides which, the Allied Worlds also had an abhorrence for unproductive members of society.  Everyone was expected to contribute in some manner to the betterment of humanity.
Criminals were, therefore, either sent to places like Hathor - where at least someone would getsome use out of them - or on to the Colonies where they'd be forced to be productive just to survive.  Non-violent criminals got three chances, and then they were given the choice: one of the four prison planets or the colonies.
Thankfully, most of them chose one of the prison planets.  
Well, thankfully for men and women like him.  Leo knew that his own fetish wasn't considered normal by most of the Allied Worlds, but it didn't matter.  On Hathor, he wasn't alone.  And there were enough people on other worlds buying their product to make their herds well worth the effort and money put into them, also proving that quite a few people had their own secret fetishes.  Of course, some of the milk was used for children in hospitals or orphanages, etc., but some of it also went to private buyers.  Leo happened to know that the Hegemon of Earth was one such.  When the man retired, it wouldn't surprise Leo at all if he emigrated to Hathor.
"Good to see you again, Kase," Carolina said briskly.  Then again, she did everything briskly.  Her slick, straight red hair was cut at her chin so that it swung back and forth when she moved her head, making her movements seem even more staccato.  "How many do we have this time?"
"Only twenty-five, but I think it's a good batch," Kase said cheerfully as he closed the airlock behind them.  "I'd be surprised if any of you go home with no one, and even more surprised if any of them end up heading to the colonies."
"Good," said Brock with relief in his voice.  The others looked at him, and he blushed.  Although he was obviously a dominant man, he knew that the others had far more experience than him in this situation, and it made him slightly shaky on confidence.  Plus, he was young, Leo estimated only in his mid-twenties.  Leo himself was thirty-one, and he was the closest in age to Brock.  "We've had an influx of new citizens lately, and all of them have been clamoring for pets.  Unfortunately, we haven't had a similar influx of citizens desiring to fulfill that position."
They all nodded their heads in understanding.  That was the way of it sometimes when it came to new citizens for worlds with such particular customs; there was rarely a complete balance of dominants to submissives.  The inmates from the prison ships helped out some, of course.  They weren't always entirely eager, but they were voluntary, and most of them ended up quite happy in their new situations.  If they weren’t, they could always go to the Colonies instead.

"Well then," Kase said, leading them down the sterile grey hallway, towards the main part of the ship.  "Let's get started then."


  1. Not sure its my thing, but I am definitely intrigued!


    1. intrigued is good! lol. It'll be interesting to see how this one does, compared to my other stuff =P