Sunday, February 26, 2017

New Dark Angel Release - Annie & the Sybian

I've got a new Dark Angel title out for the end of February!!!  And it's free on Kindle Unlimited =)

If you liked Annie Rides the Sybian on Literotica then you'll probably like Annie and the Sybian =)  It's a re-write of the Literotica story and it's kicking off the start of Annie's Erotic Adventures.  It's NOT a romance, which is why I decided it was a Dark Angel book.  It's also not as dark as Annie Rides the Sybian was; while there's a slight hint of coercion, it's very clear Annie can leave at any time, to conform to Amazon's requirements, and that's the biggest change from the Lit story.  I wanted to turn it into a sexual awakening story and then be able to have her erotic adventures continue.  I'm not sure yet where she's going to go, but I have a feeling it's going to be a lot of fun to do an Annie book once a year!

When Annie's parents' neighbor Mark tells her he has a Sybian, she doesn't know what that is, but when she gets back to college and looks it up, she becomes obssessed with the idea of riding one. Once she's back home on summer vacation, the opportunity arises when Mark leaves town and she's house-sitting for him.

But riding the Sybian is the least of Annie's dark fantasies, and after Mark returns and she finds out he had cameras down in his basement where the Sybian is located, she has an opportunity to live out more of her fantasies. She offers a trade: she'll ride the Sybian in front of Mark, live, if he'll delete the vidoes of her. Mark accepts the trade and Annie dives into an erotic, perverse rabbithole of sex for Sybian rides, pleasure for pleasure, and her darkest fantasies come true.

Annie and the Sybian is an erotica novel, approximately 25,150k words, full of Sybian rides, sex, double penetration, a horny eighteen year old, and a HFN ending. It is NOT a romance. Annie's adventures will continue when she goes back to college. There is no cliffhanger.


  1. Congrats on the new story. :)

    I had wondered if you were gonna continue with it

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