Saturday, April 1, 2017

New Release: Chasing His Squirrel

I don't know why I like releasing the books in this series on April Fool's Day, I just do.  There's something silly and fun about them that I really enjoy.  I hope you enjoy this too!

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When Brady Bunson first meets Jesse O'Neal, she's sick and dying from one of the illnesses that have ravaged the small shifter population. As a shifter squirrel with a tiger ancestor way back in her family line, Jesse is actually an ideal candidate for Dr. Montgomery's work... all the pain the Bunson family has gone through will finally save a life instead of ruining one.

Although Brady is falling for Jesse, he doesn't really know what to do with his emotions. The Company is still out there and his family won't be safe until they're taken down - and now that Jesse is a successful experiment using the same science, she won't be either. Having spent most of his prime dating years in a lab, all of his relationship experience from high school tells him it's unfair to ask Jesse to put her life on hold for him in a long distance relationship while his focus is entirely on taking down The Company to ensure the safety of those he loves, even if she's included in that group.

But he has more trouble letting her go than he thought he would.

Chasing His Squirrel is approximately 65k words and contains some sizzling hot sexy times between an alpha male and a young woman grabbing hold of her second chance at life with both hands.


  1. In my opinion your best book yet great plot and story very well written and your editors did good job

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I was really nervous since this series is so different from my usual so I really appreciate the feedback! =)