Friday, July 5, 2019

My Amazon-Free July: Day 5 aka Delivery Day!

Today was apparently delivery day =)

I got my kobo & kobo cover, my inflatable aliens, AND my jewelry!

And the pink thing on the left with the aliens is the free beach ball that Party Palooza sent me for spending over some amount. So, you know, didn't buy from Amazon, got a bunch of things for a convention that are better than the things I was finding on Amazon AND cheaper than what I was finding on Amazon, AND I got a free beach ball.

Which my daughter is enjoying greatly.

Some of my overseas readers have mentioned that they didn't realize Amazon was such a big thing here in the states! Maybe it's just in my area, but we use Amazon for pretty much everything. Since even before baby girl was born, hubby and I have used Amazon to buy food (including ordering fresh veggies, etc. through their new fresh pantry), clothing, books, household items, cleaning items, baby wipes, toys, books, and pretty much anything you can imagine. Esp if we needed it for baby girl. And our baby registry, while not on Amazon, had a LOT of Amazon items on it. Our wishlists that we hand out to family and friends when they ask for Christmas / birthday ideas are Amazon wishlists. Like... it's bad ya'll.

I've realized, over the past few days as I order from other websites, how very lazy I've become thanks to Amazon. Part of the convenience of it is that I don't have to put in my credit card information, because it's already there. Add in that I use an Amazon credit card and therefore get 'points' for everything that I buy (points that I can save up to use to buy MORE things from Amazon or give myself a discount on something expensive) and it's just so convenient to stay in one place.

Having to enter my credit card info to multiple sites, I've groaned and sighed every time I had to pull my card out of my purse... and cheered when they took Paypal. Which made me realize that wow... I'm really spoiled. My motivation for NOT shopping on other sites is because I don't feel like getting out my credit card and entering the information?


Next up... gonna figure out how to use my new Kobo =D Will report back on how it goes.

Oh, and for those of you breathlessly awaiting to know what I got for my friend's birthday present... we all went to a really nice place so those of us who were NOT the birthday girl paid for her lunch. My back-up plan was to hit the liquor store on the way there (she loves rum). I might still do that later.

The first week of my Amazon-free month is almost over!

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