Thursday, October 10, 2013

Angel Recommends: Lexi Blake

Lexi Blake writs a series called Masters and Mercenaries that I just love - and every book gets better and better - as well as being one of two authors who writes a series about menage BDSM romances.  Personally I like her better on her own, but I compulsively buy both series whenever a new book comes out.  She's right up there with Cherise Sinclair in getting me into the storylines and I read her books over and over again almost as often as I do Ms. Sinclair's.  

Masters and Mercenaries is about a team of Mercenaries, some of whom used to work for various government agencies, and the women that they get involved with.  All of them are sexy hot Dominants, some of them are straight up assholes, and I've got a soft spot for each and every one of them.  All for different reasons.  The best part is that every story is very different, every dominant and sub is very different, and the danger that each of them ends up being in is very different.
Even better, there's a story arch going over the entire SERIES, not just each book.  An arch that has nothing to do with the romances, but which is revealed a little bit at a time as the series progresses.
I think I've often said that I usually don't like romances with danger plots - these are definitely one of the big exceptions.  I absolutely adore these books.  And because of the line of work that these men are in, I find the danger plots totally believable and acceptable, not to mention really well written.  And the sex scenes are hot, hot, hot. 
I absolutely recommend that if you like my books that you check out hers, because she's one of the writers - along with Cherise Sinclair - that I aspire to.  Especially because, like me, she started out as an indie author and she's really making a name for herself.  I'd love to be able to do that eventually.
Also, good news, last night I submitted chapter 17 of Marriage Training =)  So, you know, YAY!  I think it's going to end up being 20 chapters total.  So we're VERY close to the end!

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