Thursday, October 3, 2013

Final Stronghold Teaser

Hopefully this is my last teaser before I publish.  I'm in the middle of Chapter 21 right now, I have no idea how many more chapters to go before it's done... although I have an outline, some things take longer than I think they will.  I'm guessing maybe 30 chapters at this point?  I'm already at 110,500 words.  WOOT!  That's a lot.  And so much more to come.  I'm guessing I'll tap out somewhere between 120,000 and 140,000 words.   I'm still aiming for getting it done before the end of this month which, for me, means getting it out by October 26 because I'm also going on vacation at the end of this month.  

So... because I'm a big meanie, while I'm giving you a new teaser, I'm actually not giving you a new scene ;)  If you read my last teaser that I posted, then you'll recognize a lot of this because it's the same scene from Adam's POV.  Enjoy!:

Adam had studied the survey and information that Patrick had sent him on Angie, and hoped that the Introduction Scene wouldn't be as frustrating as his one with Stephanie. From the survey, as long as she had filled it out truthfully, it seemed like it should be an enjoyable scene for him.  And from the amount of question marks and indications of "never tried, would like to" answers that she'd given, he assumed she was being truthful.  Stephanie’s survey had been full of confidence that she would like her fantasies, Angie obviously didn’t have much experience but wanted to try a whole lot.

He was okay with that.

Especially cuz, going by the survey, she was interested in trying a lot of his favorite things.  There was nothing more that Adam liked than playing with a woman’s ass and Angie had indicated that she was familiar with and enjoyed anal play and sex.  From the survey she looked a lot more compatible to him than Stephanie from his last Intro Scene had been, so he'd tried building himself up on the drive over.

It almost worked.  At least he wasn't dreading the evening.  When he stepped into the club Jared grinned at him in an encouraging way, which was good.  Lexie was behind the desk, her expression rather grumpy.  She looked at him in surprise as he approached.

"I thought Andrew was doing the Intro scene tonight."

"He had to take Irene to the airport."

Lexie scowled.  "Nice of Patrick to let me know."

"You two need to learn how to play nicely," he teased. 

"I will if he will," she retorted.  Adam just grinned.  He wasn't one hundred percent proof positive that Lexie had feelings for Patrick that went well beyond sisterly, and that Patrick was fighting his own feelings in that regard, but lately it seemed more and more likely.  

Which was a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

Just then, Patrick stuck his head out the door. "Jared..." His eyes swept around the room and landed on Adam.  "Oh hey, good you're here.  Never mind Jared." 

Adam walked around the desk, heading for Patrick. 

"I've got a situation downstairs... Tom offered Ellie a club contract last week but she refused."

"Of course she did.  Ellie never signs club contracts."  In fact she was almost as well known as Andrew around the club for her refusal to participate in anything that even resembled any kind of relationship.  Even Adam had had some short club contracts since Brooke, usually not lasting more than a month and he'd never been interested in taking them outside of the club or extending them.

Club contracts were for people who wanted to play inside the club, exclusively with each other, for a certain amount of time.  Some could last up to a year or more if the participants felt they had the right chemistry.  The contracts clearly outlined what was expected of each party, but they only existed for inside the club.  It was for those people who wanted stability in their play but weren't interested in a relationship outside of the scene. 

"Yeah but she's been scening with him a lot lately, I think he got his hopes up."

Adam snorted.  To his knowledge, Andrew and Ellie were rather unique in that they never signed club contracts.  They only scened.  Still it had been obvious to most of them that Tom was more than a little interested in Ellie; if she really had been scening with him on a regular basis then he could understand how the man got his hopes up.  They had good chemistry, although he sometimes thought that Tom might be a little softer on her than she wanted.  She and Andrew scened together on a fairly regular basis; since he was a sadist and she was a masochist they were well matched.  It just never went beyond the scene.

"Anyway, she turned him down for a scene tonight and accepted an offer from Will, so now I've got to get downstairs because Tom's throwing a hissy fit, Ellie is making it worse by ignoring him, and Will is pissed."

"As he should be, if Tom's interfering with a scene over a sub that he has no claim to."

"Yes, thank you for telling me what I already know."  Patrick gave him a look, but Adam just shrugged.  "Anyway, Angie's in here, so you can chat with her before choosing a room for the scene.  Interrogation, jail and school are all open."

"Okay, thanks."  Maybe school.  He hadn't been there in a while and that was always a good scene for an Introduction.

Patrick moved out of the doorway heading for the club and Adam walked into the door of his office, a room that he was very familiar with.  Angie, the submissive, was sitting in one of the chairs in front of his desk, and she started to rise as he walked in. 

Brown hair, piled on top of her head to show off her unadorned neck, she was a vision in white.  The corset pushed up plump breasts, offering them up despite the thin, high-necked top she wore underneath in.  In fact, that top only invited someone to rip it away and reveal the lush curves underneath.  A short white skirt flirted around her thighs, white fishnets clinging to her long legs, and the white high heels were the kind that would dig into a man's back when she wrapped her legs around him. 

She was innocence and sin, wrapped together in a sensuality that couldn't be denied.  She was a fallen angel. 

Adam's fists clenched as adrenaline and anger rushed through him in equal measure, a roaring sound filling his ears as he sucked in a deep, shocked breath. 


Tottering on those thin, high heels, Angel sank back down, her eyes incredibly wide as she stared up at him.  Those pouty lips opened in shock, temptingly pink and inviting.  All too easy to remember how he'd fantasized about sliding his cock between them on the very first night that he'd met her. 

"Oh my god..." Her voice was breathy and high, nothing like he'd ever heard her sound before.  "What are you doing here?"


  1. Arrrgggggghhhhh! Too short!

    1. LOL sorry! =P Except not really. Hahaha. The teases are short but the book is going to be LOOOOOONG.

  2. "big meanie"! While I do enjoy a good tease every now and then.. this is driving me crazy! I'm so excited! Can't wait to read it!

  3. Are you working on your Domme side with that tease?


    1. Well... I do need to get in the mood somehow to eventually deal with Olivia's book... ;)

  4. Oooh I agree with the others, you are such a tease!!!! You're forgiven though, it got me all excited especially since I am going to have my first visit to a club soon!!!

    I am afraid and excited all at the same time!!!

    Cant wait for the book!

  5. Congratz on finishing chapter 21!