Friday, December 13, 2013

New Release for Dark Angel: Consequences Part I

Okay... so in the middle of working on expanding the centaur story for Dark Angel, I realized that I have a couple of stories which would be much easier to revise / expand on and would be able to get them out faster.  One of them being what is now available on Amazon - Consequences Part I.  You'll recognize a lot of it from the Literotica version of Consequences because I didn't change as much in Part I as I'm going to in Part II (which is also part of the reason I was able to get it out so quickly).  Tomorrow it will be available for free, today and after that it's 99 cents until Part II comes out when the price'll go up to $2.99.  Please don't forget to leave a review!!!! =)

***Edit (12/14/2013) - Sorry, I just checked and saw that Consequences is still running for 99 cents today; when I checked on the promotion apparently I accidently scheduled it for 12/15, not 12/14, so tomorrow it will be free.  Sorry for any confusion!***

After much hemming and hawing I've decided to continue running Demon Duo at 99 cents, despite what I said before, because it's a rather short novella and I think I'm going to leave that one and To Spank a Schoolgirl as cheapos for people to check out Dark Angel's kind of writing while the other books will eventually move up in price whenever a new one comes out.

In other news... chapter 3 of Taken by the Wolf was submitted to Literotica on Tuesday and I'm hoping it comes out soon (possibly over the weekend?).  I'm already about 3/4 of the way through Chapter 4 and I have to admit... I'm having a lot of fun with already doing things very differently with Bella and Alex then I've done with any of my other characters.  Chapter 3 continues what's happening with them with the Wolf, during Chapter 4 they're separated and I'm doing some fun (well, fun for me, def not for Bella) medical play stuff.  Makes Dr. Banks look like a nice guy.  Hoping to finish Chapter 4 today and get it submitted before Chapter 3 even comes out... I'm doing shorter chapters than I did for Marriage Training, but that SHOULD just mean that I'll be getting them out faster.  =)

Seduction by Spanking is coming along faster than I thought it would.  It's just FLYING out of me at this rate, which is fantastic.  I think I've only got about 5-6 chapters left to write!  I'm hoping that maybe I'll be able to get it out a month early (January rather than February).  It'll depend on whether or not my 'writing flow' keeps up, but at the moment it's still going strong!

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