Sunday, December 22, 2013

Taken by the Wolf Ch. 5

Alex's ordeal at the hands of Nurse Roche is now available in Chapter 5 of Taken by the Wolf!  Both Chapter 6 and a standalone story called Emmie Does Anal (gee... now what could that be about?) were submitted on Friday so those should be out sometime this week =)

I am getting VERY close to finishing Seduction by Spanking, if you haven't checked out the teaser from my previous blog post, just scroll on down to see! 

So, the other day I checked out my New Years Resolutions from last year and realized I've been a bit of a slacker on actually fulfilling some of them.  My Life Goals in particular.  I did lose some weight right before the Holiday season, because I was doing this competitive diet thing with some friends, but then... you know... the Holiday season.  LOL.  Gonna try to step up the exercising again starting next week.  I've been meaning to anyway.  But I haven't done any of the others.  Including going to Hooters or a strip club.  And I've only got a week and a half to do it and that week and a half is already filled with other stuff... so we'll see if I can fit them in.

On the upside... I did a little better with my writing goals!!!  I did finish both the Venus Rising Quartet and the Poker Loser Trilogy.  I also published one Stronghold book.  And then I started fail-boxing again.  I only finished two series on Literotica that I had previously started (Witch and After Bedtime) and I'm not sure that After Bedtime really counts because I hadn't initially intended that to be a series.  Also, I only entered one content on Literotica and I did not win it... and then I didn't manage to get anything together for any other contests.  *sigh*

I've heard that making New Years Resolutions more specific can be helpful, so I think that's what I'm going to do this year.  I've just gotta get thinking about it.  Especially when it comes to the 3 stories to finish... I've got a lot of options.  Might do a new poll to find out which ones you guys want me to finish the most, so start thinking about whether you want me to finish this year (in alphabetical order, cuz that's how they're listed on Lit):

- Caught Red-Handed (Gay Male)
- Chastity's Lessons (Interracial)
- Fantasy Weekend (BDSM)
- Friendly Kidnapping (Non-Con)
- From Terra (Sci-Fi & Fantasy)
- Homeschooled (First Time)
- Instruction (Incest / Taboo)
- Sick and Wrong (Multiple categories)
- Tomboy Tease (Non-Con)

So yeah.  Sometime next week there will be a poll about which you'd like to me to finish and I'll make the top 3 part of my New Years resolution.  That's what's going on with me... hope everyone had a good weekend!  And enjoy Chapter 5 of Taken by the Wolf!  I'll be curious of your opinions since I've never written something where a female takes the lead of the man quite like this...

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