Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Taken by the Wolf Ch. 4

Wow... so apparently Literotica either shortened the wait time or something because Chapter 4 of Taken by the Wolf is already available!  I didn't think it'd be out for another couple of days because there was several days between when the two chapters were submitted.

So... I'm rather enjoying the mixed reactions.  I wanted to go darker and I wanted to do things that I've never done before.

By now there seems to be a few things people are wondering so I'll just address those...

- Not every chapter is going to include MM sex, there will be some that do and some that don't

- The psychological aspect is as important to me as the physical and there are several mind fucks that I'm already planning out along the way

- I'm going to be a heck of a lot meaner to the characters than I have been since I wrote Sick and Wrong.  In some ways, I think that I was trying to do back then what I'm doing now, and write something where I can get all the really dark stuff in my head out.  Only (hopefully) I'm doing it better now =P  And the dark stuff has changed, it's not just about the painful stuff but also about the position that they're in.

- No characters will be irredeemably harmed in the writing of this story =P  I rather like Bella and Alex, although it might not seem like it at times considering what I'm going to do to them lol. 

- Yes Alex is a bit of an alpha male (okay, more than a bit) but to me that just makes the fact that he's going to have to learn to submit to someone kind of even better in the psychological messing kind of way.  What'll be fun is seeing how his desire to protect Bella actually clashes with his alpha-maleness =D

- I'll always give a little bit of a heads up on what the next chapter is about either once it's submitted or once the currently submitted chapter comes out, if I haven't submitted the next one already.  Since that's today... I'm still working on Chapter 5 and it's going to be Alex's experience with Nurse Roche.  Chapter 6 they'll be reunited, but then I'm going to mess with their heads again cuz I'm a bitch like that LOL.

Can I tell you all how much fun it is to be able to write something really dark and still have the potential for romance that I know people are going to be requesting, but not have to temper the bad stuff in order to accommodate the romance?  GAH!  It's awesome.  It's also a bit of a relief to be writing something that I know going into it is going to occasionally garner some reactions from people that aren't necessarily good... because I don't have to worry quite as much that EVERYONE is going to like ever chapter, although I do hope people keep reading because every chapter is going to be different and, while one chapter might not appeal to someone, the next one might.  This is also going to be one of my longer series, mostly because I have a lot of sadistic darkness to get out of me apparently =P

and then I'll move on to the next series which won't be nearly as rough.


  1. Thanks so much. I like your insights in the writing process, and the results are wonderful.

  2. Wonderful that you have this conversation with your readers. I wish more authors felt confident enough to do it.

    1. LOL I don't know if it's confidence really... never thought of it that way =) I just like sharing what I think might be interesting to people.

  3. Hi honey :)
    Glad to see that literotica is improving...and you are definitly my favorite author.
    But when you said that you were going darker, i thought that this chapter really was going to be a little worse for Bella but than again she didn't do any thing wrong to deserve a punishment enema for example...I thing i have a sadistic mind too or is it you who brought it out of me ;).
    Question? Planning on finishing "Friendly Kidnapping"? I am really curious about the "special place" in the woods...
    Thank you and have a wonderfull Cristmas :)
    xxxx Carla

    1. heh heh... I am going darker but yeah, I didn't want to go straight down to total darkness. More like a step by step descent rather than a quick slide =) I'm glad that you're enjoying it!

      I do plan on finishing all the stuff that I've started and haven't finished... it's just a matter of getting around to it. For a lot of those, I have to be in the right mood and sometimes it's hard to get into the mood. I've finished a couple things already though... so it will happen. eventually lol.

  4. Side Note. This is the second story of yours i've read from literotica (the other was a three-way). I'm a fan from Amazon. The Venus books and Stronghold. Not sure how I feel about this story. (It's me not you) I'm not a fan of force-sex stories. However, I'm a fan of your writing. With that being said. I will keep reading and chastising myself. Keep up the good work. P.S. Not sure if I can go any darker.

    1. Aw well thank you so much! I will also be writing some other stories in different categories while I'm working on Taken by the Wolf, because I know it's not a lot of people's cup of tea. In the meantime, if you liked Venus and Stronghold and you're not super big into non-con, you might like Submission, Tricked With a Treat, Marriage Training, Sarah's Private Dick, and - even though it's non-con - Being the Maid. Being the Maid is a LOT less dark. Taken by the Wolf is just going to get darker from here on out... but like I said, I'll be putting out other stuff on Lit at the same time too =)

      And keep an eye on the blog! As I'm working on the next Stronghold book, I'll be reporting my progress on here =D