Monday, February 10, 2014

New Release: Consequences Part II


So I actually finished this novella last month but since Punishing His Ward had just come out, I figured I'd wait till closer to Valentine's Day to release the third book under my Dark Angel penname, Consequences Part II.

Because of Amazon's ridiculous oversight over independent authors and what we put in our book descriptions, I had to change the descriptions for both Part I and Part II and so they're not very informative, but you can always check out the samples if you're curious for more.  It's based off of the Consequences series that I wrote for Literotica, but Part II goes even further away from the Lit story than Part I did.  There's more expanded scenes, some additional scenes and an entirely new ending =)

I had a lot of fun with it.  Not sure what I'm going to work on next for Dark Angel... mostly because I'm not going to be able to start working on anything for at least a couple of months.  I'm already way overloaded with what I'm doing writing Taming the Tease and my stuff for Literotica.

Speaking of Literotica - Chapter 13 of Taken by the Wolf is also now out, for those of you following along =)  Kinda wondering what people will think since I kind of set it up to go one way and then took it in a different direction... I have to say, I'm REALLY looking forward to Chapter 14 which will have MMF again as well as a bit of a surprise that I've been looking forward to since I began writing this series!


  1. I do wish Amazon would stop censoring the way they do. I gather that corporations in the US can be treated as people but some how they can also avoid all those First Amendment things. It's OK to keep really explicit images off the site for family reasons, or to provide a kiddie barrier, but arbitrarily censoring covers to accord with Bible thumping tastes - that goes too far.

    Yours is a nice cover though. I don't know how you got it through because shadows are not meant to be enough. She must have panties too.

    1. Yeah, they got all anal about my book description and then let that cover through. Who knows. it seems incredibly arbitrary. The other day I was reviewing a book that had "gangbang" in the book description, but amazon rejected my review for that same word. I changed it to "group sex" and BOOM, review accepted. Like, wtf?

      Which also reminds me... i still owe you a blurb. ACK. Sorry. This month hates me. I'm house/pet-sitting for my parents, which has added to my commute, during my work busy season, plus the additional responsibility of walking the dog, have one friend in the hospital, another situation with a cheating boyfriend situation (and me in the middle advising the woman he was trying to cheat with to tell my friend), working 6 day weeks on an opposite schedule as hubby adn trying to cram in time with him whenever I can, plus writing, plus trying to keep up with my other friends (of whom I have too many), oh, and another friend that's getting married in a month and a half and we JUST started working on the bridal shower which is goign to be held in... four weeks.


      I have a talent for overscheduling myself.

    2. OMG an "talent for over-scheduling" is and understatement. Please don't go killing yourself there Angel!


    3. heh heh, thanks.

      I was actually worse in high school.