Monday, February 24, 2014

Taken by the Wolf Ch. 15

Got another chapter of Taken by the Wolf out over the weekend!

Unfortunately, I'm only about a third of the way through writing the 16th chapter.  Things are definitely slowing down for me right now because work has become so incredibly crazy, plus my friends are all missing me and wanting to spend time with me, plus hubby is also missing me and wanting to spend more time with me, oh and my family, and I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding in April and we're finally planning the shower which is going to be in just a few weeks and... yeah.  I'm exhausted.  This weekend did not rejuvenate me the way I needed it to.  Although it was a very fun weekend. I needed way more downtime than I got.

Got a weird amount of "directing" feedback yesterday.  Strangely, most of it seemed to have to do with Marriage Training.  Mostly people having their own ideas of what they think BDSM should or could be, what they think 'dark' romances are, and whether or not they think any of my main characters have respect for women.  Whatever.  Personally, I think Gabriel had plenty of respect and love for Vivian.  And I'm not particularly bothered by the fact that some people don't see it.  It often seems to me like there's a lot of people who think there's only one way to show respect or love or whatever, instead of recognizing that it comes in many forms. 

That's fine.  But I hope that when they write to me, especially at times when I'm this stressed-out and tired, I really don't give a shit.  Normally I give at least a little shit.  Like, a tiny little rabbit pellet type shit.  Yesterday... nope.

Part of why I got into writing for Lit was because, at the time, I wasn't finding enough new stories that were just what I wanted.  There were a lot of rough stories, but the vast majority of them were "insert cock here, pump a lot, and then she was cumming" and I wanted more than having to supply all the details with my imagination.  Hence, I wrote Office Play and started putting everything I wanted to read into it and then followed it with Poker Loser.  Because I started writing the stuff that I want to read. 

Like, it's one thing to give constructive criticism like "I didn't feel like Gabriel had enough love for Vivian, because of this and this" and another to be like "I challenge you to write a story where the hero shows respect for the heroine." Um... dude... I have a VAST library on Lit for you to check out.  And I think that quite a few fit that bill.  Venus School being the first one to pop into mind.  Sarah's Private Dick is another.  Although, personally, I think that Gabriel shows plenty of respect for Vivian.  He's rather in awe of her, in fact.  But I can see how some people, skimming it, and with their own very narrow ideas of what 'respect' might encompass, could miss that.  But there are plenty of series and standalone stories that I've written that probably would fit in that narrow window.  Which just makes me want to *headdesk* when I get feedback like that.  Unless someone's read EVERY single one of my stories, challenging me to write something that I've "never" written before isn't something that makes sense.  Since that person can't actually know whether or not I've written it.

Anyway.  That's my Monday Morning rant.  And Taken by the Wolf is out.  It's accidentally in the Non-Human category. I've already submitted the change to the Non-Con category, but it looks like Lit still takes some time to do things like that.  Also, there's a good chance that a large number of my older stories are going to disappear sometime soon.  I submitted a request to take down a bunch of the old stories that I wrote for Survivorphile and, when I look at them now, I kind of cringe to think that I wrote that.  Just not great quality.  Also a few stories that started series that I realized I am NEVER going to finish.  Like Amy's Transformation and Seducing the Queen.  So if you see a large chunk of stuff disappear, don't worry... it was by my request.


  1. I know what you mean about starting to write something you wanted to read. My writing actually started after reading a feeble Mills & Boon (you call them Harlequin) effort at a rugby story. I got so annoyed, I had to do something for a proper rugby or sports follower.

    Re feedback - have I told you about this one for my contest story?

    'And when they got tired of being abused?
    And humiliated. Did they stand up and beat the crap out of her like she deserved? I certainly hope so. I can't believe this was a prize winner.'

    Makes me giggle every time. Think they got lost on the way to LW.


    1. bahahaha that's amazing!!! gotta love the idiot feedback.

      I'm feeling slightly less like a grouchy Big B today. WE'll see how long that lasts LOL

  2. Rabbit pellet shit? Roflmao!

    I'm so addicted to Taken by the Wolf it's not even funny.

    1. heh heh thanks! =) I'm a bit addicted too =D Hoping to finish up the next chapter either today or tomorrow!
      Yeah I might have to use the rabbit pellet line in a book sometime...