Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Arabella's Taming- Last day at special 99c price!


Have you gotten your copy of Arabella's Taming yet?

It's available everywhere:

Lady Arabella Windham, sister to the Duke of Manchester, has given up on ever attracting the positive attention of Lord Thomas Hood. After discovering he still sees her as the same hoydenish young woman she was in the past, no matter her current perfectly ladylike behavior, and realizing she will never match up to his infamous list of attributes for a wife, she throws caution to the wind and becomes more reckless than ever.
Why bother being good if it's not going to even be noticed, much less acknowledged?
When her return to feckless and indiscreet behavior results in disgrace however, it's Lord Thomas Hood who is caught up in the scandal with her. With a strong-willed bride determined to make her new husband dance to her tune and a stubborn lord determined to curb his new wife's imprudent ways, is a happily-ever-after even possible?
Despite being part of a series, Arabella's Taming may be read and enjoyed as a standalone. 

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  1. Whatever happened to Marriage Training? It's one of my favorite reads of all times and one I liked to return to frequently. Can I hope that you've fleshed it out and turned it into a novel/novella?