Saturday, June 2, 2018

Cocky Judge - an erotic short story

Is this what I should have been working on today? Definitely not. But my brain wouldn't let me be. This is just a short erotic story, not a lot of plot, that wouldn't get out of my head after reading through the transcript for the #cockygate hearing yesterday. Literally, would not get out of my head and woke me up at 7am this morning demanding I write on it. In the interest of being able to work on the things I actually need to be writing today, I complied. I hope you enjoy... and I hope to see many more cocky judges and lawyers in the future!

This is in no way meant to depict a real person.


Lauren was sitting on the couch reading her the latest ebook release by her favorite author when she heard the garage door opening. Smiling to herself, she tapped her finger to turn the page while she waited for her husband to come inside the house. He was home a little early, which was nice. She usually managed to make it home before him, but this time she’d only been reading for about five minutes – and she hadn’t been expecting him for at least another thirty.

A few seconds later, the door between the garage and the house opened and she looked up from where she was seated on the couch. Seeing her curled up there, Simon’s face immediately relaxed from its normal grumpy expression – her hubby definitely had whatever the male version of resting bitch face would be called – and relaxed into a smile.

“Hey honey,” she said, uncurling from her position and setting her ebook down on the coffee table as he took off his favorite brown hat. “How was work?”

“It was a day,” he replied, meeting her halfway through the room for a kiss.

She hadn’t been expecting a real answer, on Fridays he liked to come home and unwind. Likely she wouldn’t hear about his day today until tomorrow, but she always asked.

When their lips parted, he smiled down at her. “How was your day?”

“Not bad,” she said, following him as he let her go and went to sit down in his armchair with a slight groan. Chuckling, she moved around behind the chair and began to massage his shoulders. With a much louder, although still low, groan, he leaned forward to give her better access to his tense muscles.

Digging her fingers in to his shoulder blades, Lauren worked at the knot she could feel there as she began to tell him about her day. Most people wouldn’t think that being an accountant was all that interesting, but some of the things her clients did… Of course she never shared confidential information with him, as a judge he’d be pretty disapproving of that even if she wanted to, but there were always funny little stories she could tell him.

“Really?” her husband asked, laughing.

“Yup. We spent thirty minutes trying to figure out why he’d been charged an extra dollar and twelve cents on his cable bill.” One of her most well-to do clients, the man had only ever had one job – which he’d barely managed to last a few days at – and had spent his life living off his trust fund. He was happy to throw his money around when he chose, but even a dollar extra on any of his bills and he had to know WHY.

“Maybe he just wanted your company,” her husband teased, twisting around as he grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to him. Lauren laughed as she ended up tumbling into his lap, his arms easily catching her. Simon nuzzled the side of her neck. “I know I always do.”

“Well, I hope so,” she teased. “You are married to me.” Which made her one lucky girl. Simon was the whole package – smart, handsome, confident without being arrogant (okay, maybe a little arrogant sometimes but deservedly so) a wicked sense of humor, great in bed, and even though he did often look grumpy he wasn’t actually a grump. He was her cocky silver fox and she loved him as much now as they day she’d married him.

“Best decision I ever made,” he said, sliding his hand up her shirt and making her giggle as he tipped her back for another romantic kiss. Lauren wrapped her hand around the back of her neck to keep her from feeling like she was falling as she opened her mouth to him, her body coming alive as his tongue swept into her mouth and his hand closed over her breast.

It wasn’t often that Simon came home amorous immediately, but she certainly didn’t mind when he did.

She kissed him back passionately, her fingers sliding into his hair. He’d turned grey early, but it looked good on him, making him appear handsomely distinguished. She hummed in the back of her throat as his hand caressed her breast, making the little bud of her nipple harden and swell inside of her bra.

And she couldn’t help giggling again when he couldn’t get the cup of that particular garment down. Simon hated bras. Well, Simon hated her bras.

His hand slid out from underneath her shirt and Lauren squeaked as she found herself being lifted up in his arms. The hand in his hair slid down as she threw her arms around his neck.

“What are you doing?” she scolded. “You shouldn’t be carrying something as heavy as me!”

Simon’s dark eyes skewered her with a look as he started towards their bedroom – since the master bedroom was on the first floor it wasn’t far away at least. “Woman, you’d better not be putting yourself down.”

Dammit. She never should have told him about the spanking books she’d read.

“That’s not what I meant,” she protested. It had totally been what she’d meant.

He raised his eyebrow at her, looking almost haughty as he stared down at her, shouldering the door to their bedroom open. “Then are you saying I’m not strong enough to carry you?”

“That’s definitely not what I meant,” she said more firmly. Simon was in great shape. She on the other hand… but if he wanted to carry her off to bed like some kind of 1970s romance book cover hero, who was she to argue? “Just shut up and kiss me.”

Laughing, Simon complied and Lauren tightened her arms around him. The kissing became more enthusiastic as he set down her legs so she could stand and their hands busily got to work. Clothes fell between caresses, and then his lips pulled away from hers so they could follow where his hands were going. Lauren let out a soft moan as his mouth closed around her nipple, his fingers kneading the soft flesh of her breast and stirring an aching need in her pussy.

She threaded her fingers through his hair, her other hand caressing his upper back, which was what she could reach… and the Simon was pushing her back against the bed, his lips moving back up to hers.

They fell on the bed together, her softer body cradling his hard one, her legs parting as he knelt between them. She dragged her nails over his chest, not hard enough to leave a mark, but enough to send a shudder through his whole body. The weight of his cock pressed against her thigh as he stroked her sides and his mouth moved down to her neck. Seeking out his nipples, Lauren matched him caress for caress, stoking his arousal as much as he did hers.

The blunt tip of his cock brushed over swollen pussy, which was when he realized how wet she was. Hey – being picked up and carried off had just flat out done it for her. Simon definitely enjoyed the result. A small shift of his hips and his cock slid through the wet, slick folds of her pussy, finding her entrance almost immediately. They knew each other’s bodies intimately by now, and he hadn’t even needed to adjust himself.

“Ohh…” Lauren sucked in a breath, her back arching as Simon pressed in, stretching her open. She always loved the initial feeling of him sliding inside of her, the emptiness being filled, the ache being soothed. The thick girth of his cock thrust in and then receded, before returning and going deeper, filling her more fully.

Her legs wrapped around him, heels against the backs of his thighs as she spread herself more fully to him, using the new leverage to lift her hips up to meet his thrusts.

Simon groaned with pleasure, dropping kisses across her collarbone and neck on his way back to her lips, his hips moving rhythmically, each hard thrust pressing her into the mattress. She loved the feel of him atop her, inside of her, making her feel small but safe under his hard body, vulnerable to him and yet he gave her nothing but pleasure.

The wiry hair on his chest brushed against her hard nipples, stimulating the sensitive buds and sending sensations curling through her straight down to her pussy which clenched around his cock. They moved together, their combined passions rising and feeding the other’s as he surged inside of her. The friction of his cock sliding in and out of her slick heat, the rubbing of his groin against her swollen clit every time he slid home, had her writhing as her climax neared.

His thrusts became harder, wilder, and his lips pulled away from hers as their movements made kissing more and more difficult.

“Oh yes…” Lauren cried out, her nails digging into his shoulders. She arched as he ground himself against her, rubbing her clit with his body in exactly the way he knew she liked best. “Simon!  Oh… Simon!”

Ecstasy rippled and burst, spreading through her on waves of rapture that had her toes curling and her body clenching around him as he began to thrust again, hard and fast. Every thrust sent another wave crashing into her, and Lauren writhed beneath him as he reached his own climax, groaning her name into her ear as his cock hardened even more inside of her, making him feel even larger. He pulsed against the walls of her pussy, their mutual pleasure shuddering through them as he released.

Panting, they both slumped together, the urgency sliding away and leaving them in the hazy cocoon of intimacy that always followed love-making.

Lauren smiled lazily as she ran her fingers over the tattoo on Simon’s chest, the one which always amused her because she’d never pictured a judge with a tattoo. He was still slumped over her, but had his arms braced so his full weight wasn’t on her. Not that she would have minded. She liked feeling his weight pressing her down into the mattress, but he was too considerate for that.

Her husband muttered something and she frowned in confusion.

Had he just said ‘prowess’?


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    1. It's probably going to be one of those words that I used in every single thing I write from now on LOL.