Sunday, June 10, 2018

Upcoming Awesomeness!

There's a lot going on in Angel-land, not the least of which is I'm going to start trying to be a more active blogger. Not daily or anything, but if I can get something up once a week or once every two weeks if things are slow, that sounds great!

In case you haven't been keeping up with me elsewhere - I'm pregnant and I'm currently about halfway through my pregnancy. She's a girl and she's doing great (better than I am in fact, Type 2 diabetes meant I had to get my blood sugar - which had been in great ranges for a diabetic - down even further so now I'm on the keto diet... on the other hand, I'm loving the diet and I'm doing well enough on it that the doctor mentioned I might actually be able to reverse my diabetes). She's due in October and I'm gonna be really upset if she comes early because I'm also doing my first convention this year... which I signed up for before I became pregnant and of course it's 2 weeks before her due date.

So if you're interested in romance conventions and *hopefully* meeting me, as far as I'm concerned I'm going to be at RomCon 2018. =P

Other things going on!

I've started a YouTube Channel because I finally found a concept for it that I loved lol. First video is now up! WOOT!

I'm part of some really great upcoming multi-author projects, including a hush-hush box set that will be out in August (more on that when I can), a sexy-nerd anthology (not sure when that's coming out), and I'm going to be part of the next wave of Celestial Mates books! Mine is called Mated on Hades and will be released on July 6th. It will be available on Kindle Unlimited but is also on a special pre-order sale for 99c through July 6th, so if you prefer to own the best price is NOW.

US Amazon -
UK Amazon -
AU Amazon -
CA Amazon -

Then it's off to the races... how much writing can I get done before baby arrives? LOL

The goals for this summer: co-write a book with Lee Savino, release one alternate penname book, and finish the last Stronghold Doms book for release on September 15th =)

I'd also really love to get the first book in my reverse harem series, and epilogue novella for Stronghold, and the two prequel novellas for my two new series out later this year but we'll see... I've gotta be somewhat loose on scheduling to see how baby affects everything! Still, that's a LOT to be excited about =)

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