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Back In The Game Excerpt

Today is another day when I don't have much going on, although I've been working hard. One of the things that I've noticed about working on the ebooks is that I feel like I have less to show for it, since I'm not posting things to Literotica quite as consistently! Although that's also because my chapters for Literotica have been take more time to write as well, with all the plot and character development that I've started doing =)

So I'm going to give you a little peek at one of the things I've been working on which is the second book in the Poker Loser series, Back in the Game, a re-write of Allison's New Life.  Except that, as you'll be able to tell from the excerpt if you've read the original, I've changed so much of the story that it barely resembles the original.  It reminds me of when I go to see a movie that's based on a book but they've changed everything except the character's names. That's pretty much what's happening here, and I think it's making the overall story a much more enjoyable read.  Don't worry though, the main love story hasn't changed, just all the side stuff.


“Hey Allison.”
The soft voice behind her made Allison wince.  Roger.  As if this week hadn’t been enough of a pain in the butt.  After receiving the Christmas gift from Todd, Allison’s holiday had taken a sharp turn for the worst.  Diana was away with her parents in Aspen for skiing which meant that the apartment was rather lonely and the friends she’d made at work all had their own plans with families in town or them going out of town, so she was stuck alone a lot of the time unless she felt like being with her parents. That led to some pretty painful dinners, with her mother making sniping comments about her lack of a boyfriend and wondering why she hadn’t hung onto Roger harder. Her father just ignored her and spent most of his time soliloquizing about his own life or talking to her mother about the upcoming holiday party.
Which is where she was now.  Christmas had been two days ago, and she hadn’t even had Chad’s company because he’d spent the holiday with his mother this year.  So now it was Saturday night and her father’s company holiday party.  She was dressed in a long red velvet dress with a slit up the back and little chiffon cap sleeves, with her green Murano glass jewelry, and her hair up in a delicate French knot.  Unfortunately her beauty didn’t give her any confidence when she had to turn and face the man that she’d broken up with.
“Hello Roger,” she said, putting a proper hostess smile on her face.  Turning her head she smiled at his date.  Was it just her imagination or did it actually look like she was standing with her nose in the air? “Hello Veronica.  Are you two having a nice time this evening?”
Veronica gave a derisive little sniff which made Allison’s insides clench.  She might not entirely enjoy all of her parent’s parties, but that didn’t mean that this bimbo could denigrate them.  The low cut purple dress and dripping silver necklace drew attention to her breasts, which Allison was pretty sure had been artificially augmented since the last time she’d seen them.
“We’re having a wonderful time,” Roger said, apparently unaware that his date didn’t seem to share the same opinion.  That or he was just being polite. “Your parents throw a great party.  You look fantastic by the way.”
Now Veronica was staring utter daggers at her.  Allison smiled graciously, ignoring the sneering look of the artificial blonde.  Her hair color probably wasn’t any more real than her breasts.
“Thank you,” she said, smiling up at him.  Roger really was perfect and her heart still hurt a little that she couldn’t care for him more. “You’re looking pretty fantastic yourself. You too, Veronica. I love your dress.” The blonde tossed her head, giving Allison the smallest smile possible.  
“You look so… festive,” Veronica said.  It sounded like it could be a compliment or an insult, depending on how Allison wanted to take it. She could see Veronica’s silver nails digging into Roger’s tuxedo jacket. Obviously the woman was jealous.  Not much that Allison could do to reassure her, not that she was sure she would if she could. Veronica would never believe her, because that’s not how she herself would behave.  She was an eminently toxic personality.
“Excuse me,” Allison said without acknowledging Veronica’s words, trying not to enjoy the flare of temper in the other woman’s eyes too much. “I see someone I should probably say hello to.”
Fortunately she wasn’t lying, her father’s right hand man had just arrived, and it gave her the perfect excuse to high tail it away from the couple before her contempt for Veronica could come out of hiding. That poisonous woman didn’t deserve Roger at all, but it’s not like there was a lot that Allison could do about that.
Diana showed up not too long after that and Allison gave her roommate a heartfelt hug, relieved that she had someone whom she could walk around with rather than flitting from group to group on her own. The two girls giggled and relaxed as Diana told Allison all about Aspen and the cute guy that she’d met and had a fling with there.  Allison chuckled, but couldn’t help but feel sorry that Diana and Chad obviously weren’t going to become an item.  In fact, over dinner Diana was already eyeing the offerings around the room before dismissing them all as being ‘too stuffy.’
After the food was cleared away a few people drifted towards the dance floor, some of the men – including her father – disappeared outside, which probably meant that they were going to smoke cigars, and people began table hopping as conversations picked up again. Left alone at their table, Allison was about to tell Diana about the Christmas present that Todd had sent and get Diana’s opinion when Roger approached them.
“Good evening ladies. Allison, would you like to dance?”
Even though she’d much rather stay and talk to Diana, there would be plenty of opportunity to later and she didn’t want to hurt Roger’s feelings again by rejecting him over something as simple as a dance.
“Yes, thank you,” she said, putting her hand in his and allowing him to help her to her feet.
Roger really was a wonderful dancer, and she relaxed as she let him lead her around the dance floor, weaving expertly between couples. He never stepped on her feet or ran her into anyone, and dancing was always one of the things she’d enjoyed doing most with him.
“How are you?” he asked.
“I’m doing well,” she said. “Ready to finish my last semester of school.”
“How’s the job going?”
“Still loving it, to my parent’s dismay,” she said, grinning up at him and he laughed. “I might even stay on there after I graduate. I really like the people I work with and being in Human Resources is fascinating.”
“Yes, I can’t see you staying at home and spending all your time planning fabulous parties, although I’m sure you’d be good at it if you wanted to.”
Allison made a disgusted face and he laughed again.  It was nice to be here dancing with Roger, sharing jokes and conversation again.  She realized that she liked him quite a lot, but as a friend, not as a romantic interest. Despite her yearning for Todd, she’d missed Roger’s company too, just not for the same reasons.
“How are you doing?” she asked.  “Is my father treating you all right?”
“I think he was a little disappointed,” said Roger, his voice lowering and softening. “But he doesn’t treat me any differently.” His hand tightened around her waist for a moment and Allison sighed.  At least their break up hadn’t changed anything significant for Roger. “Are you sure we – there’s nothing –“
She winced and shook her head, speaking a low voice. “No, I like you a lot Roger. And I can’t deny that I’ve missed your company, but in the way that I miss Diana’s when she’s not around. I like spending time with you, I care about you as a good friend, but there’s just no spark for me.”
“There doesn’t always have to be a spark,” he said.  Startled Allison looked up into his eyes. Soft, warm, intelligent.  A hint of a spark, but she realized that was just sexual chemistry not a romantic spark, and it was a hidden side of him that he never brought out to play with sex.  But she wanted to be with Todd.  And in this moment she realized that Roger’s feelings for her didn’t actually go any deeper than hers for him.  He cared about her. Loved her as a confidant and a friend, wanted her to be happy – heck, wanted to make her happy – but sweeping romantic love? That wasn’t there in his eyes at all.
Surprising him, Allison grinned. “You aren’t in love with me either,” she accused.
Roger shrugged his shoulders, but he couldn’t help laughing at her. “I’ve never been in love.”
“Oh,” she said, taken aback by that momentarily.
“I’m pretty sure my parents aren’t in love either, but they have a warm, wonderful, caring relationship,” he said. “They’re a good match. We are too.” Allison thought about that for a minute, looking away from him.  She saw Diana watching them with a look of speculation on her face. Veronica was bright red and angrily glaring at them.  And her parents were watching, standing next to each other but not touching each other.  Allison realized, for the first time in her life, that she’d never seen any hint of her parents being in love either.  They were socially acceptable, they were compatible and they did seem to care for each other, but there was no romance between them. No spark.
She shivered, suddenly feeling cold. Was that what she could expect for the rest of her life? A warm marriage with no real passion, trapped by the social expectations of her family and peers? 

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  1. I love this, I love the place your taking the characters and I can't wait till you are willing to share more

    P.s. I so want to know what Todd got her for Christmas