Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tease Chapters

Yesterday evening when I was checking my comments/feedback on the chapters that came out on Lit yesterday, one caught my eye and got me thinking.  The comment was that Consequences Ch. 1 was a "tease" story and so they only rated it 3 stars, purely because it was a tease.

I have to say, that kind of makes me wonder about people who think that way.  Is it because of the 'instant gratification' our society has now?  We no longer have to wait for dial-up, the internet is in our pockets in the form of a cell phone. Text messages that aren't immediately returned are cause for anxiety and possibly anger. Trips across the country that used to take months or years (man I loved playing Oregon Trail when I was growing up) can now be done by plane in a matter of hours, even if the flight is delayed it will take less than a day.

To me the difference between the chapter series that I write and the stand alone stories is that of a one night stand versus a relationship.  And I don't necessarily mean a relationship that has turned sexual.  I have had two extremely satisfying relationships that were nothing but big long teases, however I remember the emotional connection I had with them and those memories turn me on a lot more than any memory of a one night stand ever has.  In fact, I rarely think about my one night stands and when I do I don't get aroused. When I think about the two guys that I flirted with - for years - and never got any further with, I get rather hot and bothered.

I write plenty wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am stories, because sometimes that's what I'm in the mood for. A quick, hard and rousing get in and get out with satisfaction.

However, for Consequences the reader requested more seduction and lead-up, and I was happy to oblige because I think there is just as much merit in a 'tease' chapter as there is in one where there's sexual action.

I've noticed it's not uncommon for chapters without sexual activity to be rated lower on Literotica and that's always bothered me. Not so much because I care that much about the scores (although I won't lie, seeing a little red H always gives me a good feeling) but because I think that's a poor scale to judge a story by.  Did the tease get you going? Was the writing good? Did you want to read more?

If the story or chapter left you hot, swollen, aching to know what's going to happen next, then why would you denigrate that? I'm not the only author who gets comments like that. I read as much as I write. Do I get frustrated by other author's tease chapters? Hell yeah. But that's great. It means that it was sexy writing.  It means I'll be coming back for more later.  I'm going to flirt with that story. Make big eyes at it.  Let it caress me, tempt me and leave me wet and wanting. 

And when we do get it on it's going to be hot. Sizzling. Because I'll have been anticipating it for that much longer.

At any rate... I've got 3 chapters of Consequences submitted along with Chapter 4 of Sarah's Private Dick, which got hot. Finally. Speaking of teases. Chapter 5 is staying hot. I have a feeling that Chapter 6 is not going to be as hot and people will just have to be okay with that ;) It will get hot again eventually. The characters are busy working off all the anticipation and tension that got built up and damn is it worth it (in my humble opinion).

I got some more work done on Back in the Game (Poker Loser 2) and Venus Aspiring (Venus Rising 2) yesterday... really liking where they're going. I'm right on track with Back in the Game to have it out at the end of this month. If you're expecting anything like Allison's New Life you will probably be disappointed.  If you're expecting a sequel to Forced Bet then I think you'll be very happy.

More thank yous to those of you who have been leaving reviews. I check them every morning to see how many I've gotten and if I need to post a booty pic on here yet. We're close! And I really appreciate it. I will continue doing free promotions as long as I keep getting reviews =)

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