Friday, July 20, 2012

Editing Back In The Game

So, while I didn't get any work done on Consequences or Sarah's Private Dick like I wanted to yesterday, what I did do is finish Back In The Game and started editing it. Which is exciting because hopefully editing won't take me more than a few days (although I'm pretty busy this weekend) and I'll have it submitted to Amazon sometime next week.  Editing is important because (if you read any of my work on Literotica which I rarely take the time to thoroughly edit, I just kind of spot check) you'll know that I occasionally misspell words or my fingers move too fast and I write the wrong word entirely or my grammar gets away from me. Especially commas. I have a thing with overusing commas.

The other reason editing is important is because my book has usually changed by the time I've gotten to the end. The characters have developed further, their storyline has taken a new route, and so I've got to go back and make sure that some of that is included in the beginning.  Roger's character, in particular, went through a lot of changes for Back in the Game, changes from the way he was in Allison's New Life as well as changes throughout the re-write. Personally I like him a lot better in this new edition.  He's a lot more interesting, sexier, and the sudden change from gentleman to dominant and rough isn't as out of nowhere.  One of my friends who's a big fan of this series always was bothered that there wasn't more foreshadowing to the other side of Roger's personality.  He also always wanted to know how Roger and Diana got together, which I may eventually end up writing a novella for, but I've put some more details into Back in the Game as well.

There are so many differences between Back in the Game and Allison's New Life that they're completely different books. I cannot say this enough because I don't want fans of Allison's New Life to be disappointed. Back in the Game is definitely an erotic romance, as I define it. Yes there is sex. Yes there is a lot of it. But there's a lot more story than sex, unlike Allison's New Life in which I found a way to incorporate sex into every chapter.

Allison in Back in the Game only has sex with two people: Roger and Todd. No more Diana and Chad fooling around, although they still have their non-exclusive relationship going on between the two of them for the majority of the book.  There's a lot more going on with her parents.  She's torn between her old way of life and the way she actually wants to live. And she's struggling to forget about Todd for the most part, convinced that he doesn't have feelings for her and that he's not going to be coming back for her.

I've seen advice on writing romances that says the hero and heroine should never, ever have sex with anyone other than each other. Well... eff that. In this case that's just not realistic. Actually in a lot of cases it isn't. If you're truly trying to get over someone you don't just say 'oh I can't do this, I feel unfaithful...'  If a person really believes that the other isn't coming back, they're going to do everything they can to get over them, including sleeping with someone else. If they're still worried about what the other person would think, then they don't really believe that they're not coming back. That's just my opinion.

I'm getting more into the idea of writing realistic romances... or well, more realistic anyway. I'll talk more about that later. But suffice to say, Allison doesn't sleep with as many different people as she did for the Lit series, but she's still going to sleep with Roger. That's just how I roll.  Plus, I kinda ended up with a little bit of a crush on Roger now, I have to admit. He got so much more interesting in this version.

The book also does not end where the Lit series did, it ends beforehand. But that's because there's a third book coming, which I'm looking forward to a lot now =) Probably will be coming out either late fall or early winter.

Anyway. I'm going to be working on editing that as well as writing more for my other stories... if anyone who left comments requesting specific things for Consequences are reading this, I saw your requests and I will do my best to incorporate them into the story as much as I can while still following the original requester's fantasy.

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