Thursday, January 20, 2022

Dungeon Showdown is Coming Soon!

 Only a few more weeks till my second Domme book! And this one is a Dom vs Domme showdown =D (Hence the title LOL)

What happens when one Dom desires another?
A showdown!
Dungeon Showdown by @goldeniangel is coming February 10th!

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It's available on all platforms!

In this battle of strength and dexterity, only one dominant comes out on top...

After months of relentless game night flirting, Aiden finally gets his shot with fellow dominant Cyana. Too bad it comes with a major catch. Submission has never been his style, but a bet is a bet and Aiden won't back down. As one night of total surrender changes everything he thought he knew, this big bad dom isn't prepared to deal with the consequences.

How long can Aiden avoid Cyana and the pleasure that only submission can give him? Since they're preparing to stand by their mutual friends for a double wedding in lifestyle-friendly-paradise, probably not very long.

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