Monday, January 28, 2013

Loving Wives Fantasies

So I'm working on yet another Loving Wives story, done in two parts and I just submitted the first so that should be out in a couple of days, and it's making me think about why I find it such a fascinating category. It's not just that the category gets such mixed reviews, not to mention evoking some very strong emotions from readers, but for a new wife (married just over a year), I'm finally getting a peek at another aspect of this category.

The thing is, being married does mean that I do not notice other men. Just as I noticed them while I was single or dating or engaged. The biggest difference is that there is now no chance of me being able to fantasize about them without doing one of four things:

1. pretending that in my fantasy my husband is dead (which is so not appealing to me for many reasons)

2. pretending that in my fantasy my husband and I are divorced (also not appealing, although less unappealing than #1)

3. pretending in my fantasy that I'm cheating on my husband (again, not appealing but somehow less unappealing than the first two since it's not like I'm going to fantasize about the probably aftermath)

4. pretending in my fantasy that I'm not married (and this tends to make the fantasy hard for me to picture)

My husband watches porn. I have no problem with this. I know there are some women out there who are all 'omg, he's watching porn it means he's not attracted to me / he's cheating on me with those porn actresses.'  Whatever. I think that's ridiculous, but that's just my opinion.  Although I give it out freely.  Anyway, it certainly doesn't bother me. I'm pretty secure in the knowledge that even if he had the chance to cheat on me, he wouldn't, and I don't think that looking at porn is going to make him more likely to. I also don't count looking as cheating.

So I don't really count the fantasies that go on in my head as cheating either.  And can I help it if, in my head, it's sexier that my husband is either watching or participating in some manner? I just find it highly preferable to killing him off or having our marriage go under. This new perspective is making it harder for me to write in this category actually, because I want everyone to be happy in the end and yet I want it to be believable too... and then I started thinking, ah who cares if everyone finds it believable? The point is, I'm coming at it from a new perspective, one that I hadn't realized before I became a married woman and started thinking about my own fantasies. Even before I was married, I've only ever done long-term monogamous relationships (2 total boyfriends in my life and I married the second one) so it's no surprise that I've always had a bit of a fascination with the category.

It's just that one day I really want to write a story that even the anti-LW category people can't quite bring themselves to hate. That's probably never going to happen but hey... it's a goal. 

For those of you with Kindle Fires... I hope you're sending me some love because the only way I can figure out how to fix the formatting issues with the first two Poker Loser books is by re-typing the entire things in fresh word documents. Somehow the documents they were originally in got corrupted or something and copying and pasting just copies the issues.... so I'm retyping the books. My wrist hurts. Hopefully I'll be done with the first one in the next couple of days. 


  1. Awww! Typing everything out again?
    You've probably already done this but what about selecting the entire document and hitting 'clear formatting'? That's what I do when things start jumping around. Or cut and pasting the whole thing into Notepad (or something similar with no formatting options), then sticking it into a new document?

    1. Hmm, I've tried the notepad thing but I haven't tried the "clear formatting". I'm almost done with re-writing the first one so I'll probably just continue on with that, but I'll try it with Back in the Game!

      Thanks for the suggestion! If it works my fingers will much appreciate it =)

    2. OOOOOOOOOOOOMg you're my hero. The clear formatting took me a while to find but it WORKED. SOOOOOO much easier. thank you so, so much.

      Should hopefully have versions that work with the Kindle Fire up by tomorrow... *fingers crossed*

      Thank you thank you thank you!