Friday, January 11, 2013

Angel Recommends

I swear, the wait between submitting a story and having it go live on Literotica is strangely long lately. *sigh* It always varies throughout the year but right now I'm feeling particularly impatient because I want to know what people think about the next chapter of Witch!!! It's rather anxiety-inducing to have to wait this long for it to even come out. Bah. After all, it's been awhile since Chapter 2 came out =P

Anyway. I occasionally get requests from people on what stories, out of my collection, I think they might be interested in. Most recently had someone asking about the rougher stories, so I decided to put together a little list of the ones I'd recommend for people looking for these specific things:

- An Unconventional Beginning
- Chris Hemsworth: Sex God: although this doesn't have the kind of ending that most romance afficienados would probably like best
- Christmas Eve Surprise: be forewarned, has anal sex, but I personally don't think that makes it less romantic
- Crusader Found
- Lady Peasant
- River Walkers
- Sarah's Private Dick
- The Return
- Tricked with a Treat
- Wanna Bet? - not a straight up romance, it has a lot of elements that some people might not find romantic, but I do.

BDSM-y / Alpha Males / A Little Rough Stuff:
- Being the Maid (which could also fit under romance but there's too much roughness in there for me to put it in that category)
- Allison's New Life - on and off, depending on which chapter you're reading
- Gentleman's Maid
- Doug's Fantasy
- Gift of the Goddess
- Girl Interrupted
- Little Minx - this one verges on being in the Very Rough category
- Poker Loser - some of this could end up in the Very Rough category as well
- Submission
- The Photographer Ch. 3
- Truth Will Set You Free
- Venus School of Sex
- Whispers in the Dark Ch. 2

Very Rough:
- A Night In Paris.
- A Rough Sorority Rite: Girl on girl
- Contest: Alternate Chapter (and some of the other chapters)
- Allison's New Life Chapters 18-20, 22-25 are some of the rougher ones written for Allison and Todd, although of course there's also a bit of romance in there too =)
- Demon Victim: This is more emotionally rough / mental sadism than true erotic torture
- House of Fantasy: Elena's Story
- To Spank a Schoolgirl, Spanking Karla, Karla Returns, Karla's Final Visit - one of the few series that I wrote with different names for each chapter.  In each chapter the spanking and sex gets rougher.
- Keeping It In The Family
- Office Play - this one starts off in BDSM-y/rough territory but by the end has moved into the Very Rough. It was the first story I ever wrote and I strayed rather deeply into the fantasy rather than keeping it at what the human body would actually be able to handle.
- Ouija Nightmare
- Sick and Wrong
- The Titty Torturer

Obviously I've written a lot more than just these, but for those looking for specific things, this is what I'd recommend =)

and in the meantime... I'm about halfway through Winning Hand - goal is to publish by the end of the month... and for Literotica, hopefully Witch Ch. 3 will be out any second now!

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