Monday, January 7, 2013

Thinking About Demons

The thing about demon sex is that you can do much more interesting things with a demon than with a human.  Especially when half of the point of the story is punishment that goes far beyond anything someone would actually be able to do in real life. Which is the fun of a fantasy.  With Witch Ch. 3 I've hit that point where I'm not even sure if I'm actually turned on or just plain fascinated. Combining the unreal elements with the real taxes my imagination sometimes and makes me wonder wtf is wrong with me that I think of some of this stuff... but at the same time I think it's just part of the human condition to use fantasies to push us beyond what would actually be possible. And when you throw a demon into the mix, all things become possible. 

Including multiple cocks ;)

Witch is definitely going to be four chapters... I thought I could do it in three but then things got a little bit more complicated. That happens sometimes. I really shouldn't predict how long something is going to take me until I get closer to the end of it, especially something like Witch where I'm coming back to work on it after having spent several years with it unfinished. I cant' remember whether or not this was the direction I originally intended the story to go, but I think it was along the same lines at the very least.  

It looks like Marriage Training is probably going to be the next series that I write, which I'm looking forward to. I enjoy writing in the Victorian period... actually have some books in that period that I'm working on when inspiration strikes, although right now my book focus is still on Winning Hand.  Once that's finished I'll be concentrating on finishing Venus Transcendent and then I'll be alternating focus between Victorian era and Stronghold Doms for more books =) And once I'm done with Witch I have some reader requested stand alones that I'm going to be putting out along with the new series. Lots of stuff going on in my head right now! Which is always fun. 

Submitted Chapter 3 of Witch today... hopefully Chapter 4 won't take me too long!

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