Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Now and Future Works

Not quite as grand as the now and future King.

Okay... so... wanted to do a general update of where I'm at, especially because I've started several projects that I haven't really talked much about on this blog. Not that I want to tease everyone with things that aren't going to be available to read for awhile, but I do want to introduce some of the ideas and the things that you can look for in the future. Anticipation is a good thing right? Get the juices flowing... put people in the mood...

Winning Hand, the final book of the Poker Loser Trilogy is almost complete. This book is focused on winding up Allison and Todd's romance and on Allison's fight to maintain her independence from her parents and be accepted for the person that she's become due to Todd's involvement in her life. Woo! And (as you might have guessed from the cover or if you've read Allison's New Life on Literotica), there's an engagement in the offing. WOOT!

As you know I like to have at least two books series going at the same time... helps me stave off writer's block.  Once I'm done with the Poker Loser Trilogy I'm going to start on a new series which will probably be about 4 books long, set in Victorian times called Domestic Discipline.  I have already started writing the first book, Beginning with Birching, which is going to be shorter length than the subsequent ones and is  an introduction to the characters and themes.  The stories will center around three friends - Edwin, Hugh and Wesley - as they acquire wives and use their own brand of discipline to keep them in line. The first book mostly centers around Edwin and his new wife Eleanor, Hugh's spoiled sister; subsequent books will tie in more than one storyline at a time (kind of like the Venus books).

Speaking of the Venus Books... I'm hoping to have Venus Transcendent done in early spring.  The focus is going to be on resolving the issues that were brought up at the end of the third book - Jessica's with her family and how she, Chris and Justin will proceed with their relationship, and Liam and Hilary working out her reluctance to submit as herself and a few other key areas of communication that have been found wanting.

After the Venus Rising Quartet is finished I'll be moving on to the other Stronghold Doms. I have no idea what I'm calling the first book in that series yet - that'll be a blog post for the future - but I do know what it's about. Master Adam is the first to get his turn up at bat; realizing that for the first time in his life he wants to settle down and find a submissive of his own, one that he can have a real relationship with rather than just playing at the club.  When he visits another club, closer to his friend Rick Winter's house, he runs across a Domme named Mistress Angela, who immediately catches his eye - which baffles him completely because he's never had any interest in a Domme before. Unbeknownst to him, Mistress Angela is actually Angel.  Submissive but anxious about going into clubs where she knows no one and feels vulnerable, she's decided to test the waters and get used to the scene as a Mistress at Chained, a club much farther away from the one she intends to eventually join - Stronghold. Running into a group of Doms, she finds herself drawn to one in particular, but is too scared to pretend to be anything other than a dominant herself.  Of course, she thinks she's never going to see him again, so what happens when she finally shows up at Stronghold as a submissive?

Those are the books I'm focused on. I've done some work on all of them at this point. There are a couple of other books that I'm working on as well although I'm not going to get into them at the moment because I barely work on them and so they're not going to be coming out for a good long while. But hopefully this was enough to wet everyone's appetite and get them excited about what's coming up!

Winning Hand I'm hoping will be out by the end of this month / beginning of February.

Venus Transcendent is aimed for early spring, as is Beginning with Birching

And I'm hoping to have the first Stronghold book out in early summer.

Busy, busy Angel! (and yes I named the character in the Stronghold book after myself... couldn't resist. I wanted to be in a story!)

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