Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Resolutions

So every year we all make resolutions, but I'm a little different. I have a habit of fulfilling mine. =) Crazy right? I tend to think of them as goals rather than resolutions. This year seems especially important because I'm turning 30 in August and there are some things that I feel I should have experienced by the time I'm thirty that I have not yet. I've separated my goals into two categories: Life and Writing
Life Goals for 2013
1. Go to Hooters. I've never been. I know, they aren't that great, but it seems like everyone except me has been to one.
2. Go to a strip club. People are legitimately shocked when I tell them I've never been. Heck, I'm shocked. LOL.
3. Lose weight. My weight went up this year and so did my blood sugar. Need to work on the not becoming a diabetic thing.
4. Fully pay off at least one credit card, preferably two.
Writing Goals for 2013
1. Finish the two books series that I've already started (Poker Loser and Venus Rising)
2. Publish at least one Stronghold book
3. Win another contest on Literotica
4. Complete at least three series that I started for Literotica and never finished
Those seem like pretty good goals for the year =) Anyone else got some goals that they want to share? Feel free to leave them in the comments below!
Happy New Year!!!!!


  1. Grilled cheese platter at hooters. (with tomatos and a side of medium sauce). Was my Wednesday standby lunch for years -ladies day ;)

    1. are you giving them up or resolving to eat more of them? ;)

    2. I quit working when I had my twins, so my wed girls lunches went too :(. I do still get cravings for them though ;)

    3. aw well maybe you can make at one of them this upcoming year!

  2. My NY resolution is to stop sleeping with inappropriate men.
    I think I've slept with more in the last six months (since I got out of a relationship going nowhere) than in the last sixteen years, and some have been proper mistakes. At 35, I should know better. But I've recently lost a bit of weight and it's had a strange effect on men, some who I don't think would have looked at me before. Or I didn't have the confidence to chat with?
    Anyway, from now on I will be more selective.

    1. I did the same thing after my last relationship =) Like, seriously, the exact same thing even down to the losing weight. It's not bad to have a little fun before getting into another relationship! But it's good that you know you want to start being more selective now =)

    2. I'm hoping I *will* be more selective, but as alcohol is usually behind most of my escapades, I'm not sure whether that will happen...
      There's a couple of men...I'd like to have more fun with, others I'm not so keen. Will see how it goes.
      *fingers firmly crossed*
      (Sometimes I just wish for a fuck buddy to come around, service me, and piss off.)

  3. Mine is for my health
    - continue to have my cancer controlled ( been told I will always have cancer but they can control it with hormone therapy) and
    - have my voice box go back to normal - just before Xmas i choked on some food and twisted my voice box and now have a very distored voice that is hard to understand and
    - try to lose atleast 1kg of weight a month