Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Things I am waiting for:

My W-2s so I can do my taxes

Literotica to release Witch Ch. 4

My cold... throat... illness... whatever it is to finally give up and leave me alone

The weather to stop being so wretchedly cold

My blog to hit 50,000 views (not far away!)

The final conclusion to Winning Hand.

That last one I'm working rather fervently on, to the exclusion of all else at the moment. That's partially because being sick I'm having trouble focusing on more than one thing at a time and partially because I'm so caught up in excitement with Allison and Todd that I haven't hit a single block and they're the ones who always call to me when I sit and think 'so who am I going to work with today?'

The last chapter is written, I'm working on the epilogue.  Which is probably going to be long enough to be its own chapter, but to me it seems like it's epilogue material, not so much part of the main thrust of the story. *giggles* thrust *giggles* (Yeah I'm 5, so sue me). At the moment I'm pretty sure I'll have that complete by the end of Thursday at the latest, at which point I'll start reviewing and should have it uploaded to Amazon sometime this weekend.

And Amazon doesn't take nearly as long as some other websites *cough* to upload submissions, it should be available by next week. Woot! That's the plan at the moment.

I'll post another teaser for Winning Hand on Thursday, just to get everyone in the mood ;)

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