Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Up Next: Marriage Training

It looks like the next series I write for Literotica will be Marriage Training! 74% of the vote is pretty definitive =)  Which I'm rather excited about. Lately I've had a minor obsession with Victorian romance/erotica so it'll be fun to try my hand at doing some of my own. I think that the closest I ever really got to that was Gentleman's Maid. I always saw Being the Maid as being about a century or two earlier than the Victorian era, so that wasn't quite the same.  My idea for Marriage Training is similar to The Venus School of Sex in that it came from reading another book that didn't completely satisfy me - Childebride Island by Alice Liddell.  It has a great storyline but it ended too soon, in my opinion.  So I'm going to write my own in the manner that I want and with the ending that I want =) YAY!
Seems like I'm on a bit of a historical bent lately with Being the Maid, Witch, and Marriage Training.  I'm okay with that though. There are some other Victorian era stories that I want to write, that I'll be making into books, so it's good practice for me to lead up to those.  There's a lot of fun things about the Victorian era, not the least of which is how truly debaucherous it was behind its veneer of prudery. Lots of fun!
Working on Chapter 4 of Witch and pretty happy with the way things are shaping up. I think it'll feel really good to complete it considering that it's literally taken me years to do so =D And I'm feeling really good about the ending. I do like ending the stories that I'd started and never got around to finishing, although it's harder than writing completely new stories. Trying to match my old writing style can be difficult. Fortunately the first couple chapters of Witch are fairly close to my current writing style. Some of the other ones that I haven't worked on finishing yet might be harder to match the original feel of the story. But I do like challenges =)
So that's what you have to look forward to from me in the near future. I know I'm looking forward to it =) And it's always nice to know that I'm going into writing a story that people definitely want to read!


  1. I am fascinated with Victorian stories and it will be a delight to read from your point of view! Can´t wait...

    1. I've got a major fascination going on too, I just hope I can do it justice!