Monday, November 25, 2013

Moving On

Been a while since I rambled...

Lately there have been some comments left on either Amazon stories or Lit that make me face palm.  With Amazon it's usually because they say something in their comment that they didn't like about the book, that if they'd just read the book description or the Author's note they would have known before even BUYING the book lol.  There was one who didn't like that Dealing With Discipline had so many spankings and punishments and didn't understand why the women would be aroused by it... um... did you even LOOK at the book description?  On Lit... for some reason my Loving Wives stories have been getting a bit more attention again and people have been commenting on those - my favorite was the one who said that the husband should have gone to get professional help to deal with his issues rather than throwing his wife into infidelity.  Um... then it wouldn't have been a Loving Wives story, would it? LOL.  I do love it when people act like the characters might be real, but sometimes it goes a little far.

Still, gives me a pretty good laugh even as I face palm.

I truly do enjoy constructive criticism, but there's a lot of criticism that comes my way that either isn't at all constructive or shows me that the person giving it entirely missed the point of the story.  La.  But that's just part of writing, I suppose.  It was like that in my English classes as well (I was a creative writing focus... shocking right?  I always wonder what my professors would think of what I did with my degree hahahahaha).  The nice thing about having written for a class was that part of it was learning how to deal with criticism, constructive and otherwise, and also how to give it.

Been feeling a bit bad lately because I can't read as many other people's stories as I would like to.  There are a lot of authors out there that I'd like to spend more time checking out, especially on Lit, but I just don't have the time.  And when I do have a bit of free time, my first thought is usually "I should really work on a story."

And then of course I have my social life and the holidays and blah blah blah.  Nerding out tonight and going to see the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special - the Day of the Doctor - in THEATERS!  WOOT! Because sometimes I just need to take a break from the sexy stuff.  And also because I'm a giant nerd.

Speaking of the sexy stuff... I'm waiting on pins and needles for the first chapter of Taken by the Wolf to be released on Lit.  I'm dying to know what people think.  After writing a super popular story like Marriage Training turned out to be, I'm always nervous about starting a new one.  Will people like it as much?  If they don't, will they be mean about it?  lol.  Which I think might be part of why I chose to write Wolf instead of the other series I was considering, which was about a family set in Victorian times.  I wanted to get as far away from Marriage Training as possible and write about something so completely different that it would be impossible to compare them.  So we're set in the future, instead of the past, there's not a school involved (I do like those school storylines, don't I?), and I'm already planning for a bit of a love story but there's also a tried and true villain!

I should warn you all, there's going to be quite a bit of exploration - on my part - in Wolf.  There's going to be MF sex as well as MFM, MM, MMF, FF, etc.  Pretty much every combination I could possible do.  I'm also going to explore a bunch of fetishes / kinks that I haven't really done as much with in the past, and lots that I have - plenty of bondage, anal, whips and chains, but also electricity, fisting, cock & ball torture, age-play, pet-play, medical play, etc.  However, I will be staying away from blood and needle play and I don't think I'll be doing golden showers or anything.  But lots of mindfucks!  Honestly, I think I'm going to enjoy the psychological stuff as much as the physical.

Dammit... now I've got myself all excited about getting feedback again, because I'm talking about the story and I don't know when Lit is actually going to release the first chapter!  Bah.  LOL.  I'm just dying to know what people think.  And in the meantime, I'm also working on the second chapter, as well as Seduction by Spanking (I think I'm about a fourth of the way through), a second book for Dark Angel about centaurs, and I've started the very beginning of Rick Winter's book, Taming the Tease, as well as a couple other small projects that I give my attention to when I can.  Bah.  Sometimes I think it's amazing my head doesn't explode.


  1. Yay! Sounds like you will be plenty busy! I love that especially since I have been going through a low on my career - dont you hate that? It sucks and makes me angry when people criticize in a non constructive way, but being a plus size belly dancer does put me in the line of fire a bit so I do get it, it sucks but we just cant let those people stop us from doing what we want right? Just listen to your real fans and see if there is anything good to take from those 'face-palm' comments and do your thing girl!

    I just love how versatile you are with your writing, you do the romance thing but also explore the darker, kinkier side of things. And the Wolf stories? I am so psyched about that! Haha you got me excited and even more curious! Go write! LOL (Kidding)

    By the way... how doesn't your head explode? lol


    1. If anyone's giving you grief about being a plus-size belly dancer, you needto give them a swift kick to the face! belly dancers are supposed to be voluptuous with curves and a belly for jiggling! Bah.

      Anyway, thanks for the support =) And I have no idea how my head is intact... although my mother always told me that it's a very hard head ;)

    2. Oh don't worry, I just shimmy harder and wink at them a lot, making them even more uncomfortable with my jiggling belly LOL.

  2. Yes, you need a thick skin to tolerate some of the comments. Especially on Amazon where a troll can cost you real money in lost sales.
    I mostly just leave them alone. Sometimes I reply with something gentle, polite and reasoned. After all, it's not me making the trolls look stupid. They are doing that themselves

    1. Yeah I never bother to respond on Amazon... I just bitch about it on the blog LOL. And I try to keep myself from doing it on Lit... I just remind myself that NOT engaging is the way to go. Although sometimes I really just wonder what is wrong with some of them... they can read a book but not a book description? Lol

  3. Taken by the Wolf, what category is it going to be under?


    P.S. Death to all trolls, burn them!