Saturday, November 30, 2013

Little Extras Just For You!

So, I like to think that reading my blog is worthwhile for all of you who do, but I also like to think that one of the reasons it IS worthwhile is because you get to find out little things about the characters / books that you wouldn't otherwise get to know.

Just in case you didn't know, I have Pinterest Boards for all of my books and I currently have a complete Marriage Training board (now that the story is complete) if you want to see all the characters who were featured in it =)  After it comes out as a book the board name will change to reflect the series and I'll start adding other pictures as I work on the series, but at the moment, it's a completed board.

If you read Stronghold and were completely sidetracked by the description of the salted caramel butter bars... guess what?!  They're a real thing!  I really did find them on Pinterest.  I really did make them.  And the conversation between Leigh and Angel as they eat them is remarkably similar to that of my best friend and I.  She came over for a girls' day the first time I made them.  Funny enough, like Leigh, if I remember correctly, she was having man troubles that weekend too.  And yes, the butter bars made it all better.  LOL.

As you know, I've started on Taken by the Wolf and the first chapter is up.  I'm about a third of the way through the second chapter.  Comments are already starting to make me think about things that I hadn't really focused on yet (like the Wolf's motivations and why the Moon families let him get away with it) and I've come up with some cool answers (I think) that will be revealed as the story goes along. 

This past weekend I didn't get a ton of writing done, but I did get some done, all on Seduction by Spanking.  I'm really hoping to get that out sometime in February if not before.  And it's going really well.  I'm having fun expounding on the previous characters' relationships, developing Wesley and Cynthia's and forwarding the plot line for the fourth book between Alex and Grace a little bit.  Yay!  And in the meantime, I'm letting Rick and Maria percolate in my head a little bit because she's having a bit of a personality crises, but I think she'll be falling in line soon and then I can get started in earnest... although I have already written the first bit of the book anyway.  And yes, there is a picture of her up on the Stronghold pinterest board if you're interested in taking a peek. I've got all the characters from Stronghold up there as well.

So those are my fun little tidbits for you!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend... hopefully I'll have good news about submitting Chapter 2 of Taken by the Wolf by the end of this week!


  1. I like the printerest pictures, specially them for marriage training.
    Them for Stronghold was very much as I have pictured them in my head, except for Jared and Patrick, I had pictured them at bulkier, more heavy set. That migth be because I'm waching too much NFL.. :)

    Best regards

    1. Yeah, Jared isn't my favorite picture... the one for Patrick is pretty close =P I've been having trouble finding a good one for Jared... if you can think of someone / come across a pic, def send me a link! The picture for Liam was found by a fan who looked at the original pic I had for him and sent me a link saying "I always pictured him more like this" - and I agreed. =)

  2. Was taking another look at the Stronghold pinterest board and saw the picture of Chris and the dog again, I thought you said you were gonna work on making that happen? :o

    1. LOL maybe in the next book - got any suggestions for the name?