Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dammit, Just Bang Already!

I sometimes feel like yelling that at my characters.  Which is silly, because I know the build-up is a big part of the enjoyment of a story, but it can also be frustrating when I want to move on to the next part and I can't because I still have to get past the big sex scene and they're taking their sweet time about it.  Playing games, as it were. 

In case you're wondering, Gabriel has decided to seriously take his time with Vivian and move at a much slower pace than I had originally intended.  The two of them are just playing with each other now and I'm like... okay guys... let's try to pick it up a little... 


Gabriel just REALLY likes foreplay as far as I can tell.  

And it's not that I don't want to give them the time to have a great scene, I do, I'm just feeling impatient and slightly pressured because I know people are waiting on the chapter and I lost some time working on it because I was on vacation and so it's already going to be a longer wait than usual... not to mention the fact that I'm so close to the end that my brain has already started working on the next story a little bit.  And I want to be able to spend more time working on Seduction by Spanking.  

I'm getting back into the groove of writing which is good =)  Thanks to everyone who leaves me comments / feedback in between stories, because that definitely helps to keep me motivated to keep writing!  Doesn't matter whether it's on a story that I am currently working on or that I wrote years ago, it absolutely makes a difference in how much writing I get done during the week.  

Hopefully I'll finish the last chapter of Marriage Training and get it submitted by the end of this week... that's the goal that I'm trying to focus on at the moment =)


  1. LOL they've had a month (?) of foreplay? I would have thought Gabriel is desperate by now... ;) its always worth the wait Angel, so dont worry about it, we can wait patiently (or almost!) ;)


    1. Hahaha you would think!!! And he is... but at the same time, he took his time Oi lol