Friday, November 15, 2013


The last chapter of Marriage Training was submitted last night.  So hopefully it'll be out sometime next week, although Lit is running its Holiday Contest right now and sometimes stories take longer to come out when there's a contest going on.

Honestly... I'm not really sure what the response to the last chapter is going to be.  It ended before I thought it was going to.  I really thought there might be more story to tell, but I got to the end and realized that's exactly what it was... the end.  I even tried to write an epilogue and it just didn't work - Gabriel was done.  I think I could have gotten Vivian to cooperate, but Gabriel just wasn't having any of it.  Not sure why.  I decided not to push it though, because I'd rather have it end and have people going "noooo why did it end there, I want more!" than to force something and have people like "wow... that kinda sucked... it felt really off."

But I really did enjoy the last chapter.  Gabriel had me creaming my panties at points, even when I was getting frustrated at how slow he was taking things (man has some serious self-control).

I'm back to concentrating on Seduction by Spanking, YAY!  Cynthia, as ever, is amusing the heck out of me.  I'll probably post a new teaser to get everyone in the mood sometime later next week.  Heh.  Maybe on Thanksgiving, just to amuse myself.  We'll see.  It'll depend somewhat on how much writing I get done between now and then =)

I've also already gotten started on the beginning of my next series, The Wolf, and I'm already enjoying getting to do something that is definitely dark.  Yeah,  I'm going to work some romance in, but this is definitely going to be different from anything I've ever written before and I'm really excited about that.  I want to play around more with mind fucks, as well as exploring some more extreme stuff, and I'm finally going to have the opportunity to do that... *happy dance*  And hopefully people won't judge me too badly for the f.u.s. my my comes up with lol.

Anyway... that's what's going on right now... keep your eyes out for the last chapter of Marriage Training, although of course I'll announce both here and on Twitter when it's out =)


  1. Well done on getting the book finished. Let's hope something for release by Yellow Silk Dreams can find a place on your work schedule. We have put out 3 books in the last month, and would certainly like to have one of yours soon...

    1. YAY! I'm about halfway through my one for Yellow Silk Dreams =) So hopefully soon!

  2. Just wanted to comment and say I'm a big fan of your work! And I'm a girl who reads a lot (of non-erotic stuff, usually, haha). Some days reading your stuff on literotica is the only way I can get, um, excited enough for my guy. He wants to thank you, too. ;)

    I'm very happy to read the last chapter of Marriage Training. I think it's your best-written work thus far. However, Being the Maid is my favorite series by you so far, I definitely think it would make a great full-length novel and I would buy it on Amazon kindle- I've bought a few of your novellas already.
    Anyway, this got kind of long, but I just wanted you to know you have a strong fan in this girl and I never imagined I'd enjoy reading such kinky stuff. In "real life" I'm a professional, quiet, and somewhat timid pharmacist. No one would have any idea, so I'm glad there are writers like you who publish online. Thanks again.

    1. aw thank you! Marriage Training has definitely been very intensive, that's for sure =) I'm looking forward to making it into a book!

      I've been thinking about turning Being the Maid into a Kindle story, the only thing is that Amazon prohibits non-con stories... but there are a lot of stories by other authors that end up on there anyway. So we'll see... I go back and forth cuz I don't want to risk getting kicked off or anything, but I THINK the worst they'd do is pull the book.

      Right now I've got so many things on my plate though... but if it does ever make it Kindle form I'll definitely announce it on here =)

      and didn't you know? It's always the quiet ones that make the most trouble ;)