Thursday, November 21, 2013

Teaser: Seduction by Spanking

Just as promised, it's teaser week!  I couldn't wait until Thanksgiving to share another little peek of Cynthia and Wesley with you!  Next teaser will probably give a glimpse into one of the other couples.  Both of them have bits of their story that aren't finished yet and so are continuing into this book.  Right now I'm working on a particularly intriguing scene between Edwin and Eleanor... he's agreed to give up control in the bedroom for once and she's taking full advantage of it.  I'm not sure how long he'll last though!  Hahahaha.

By the way, if you haven't had a chance yet, check out yesterday's blog... I've got a new penname and a new release under that name.  It's not free anymore, but it's still only 99 cents for now!  I'm sorry to those who don't have Kindles (I've missed you Gem!) =/   Someone did tell me that even without a Kindle, if you buy Kindle items you can read them if you have the google cloud?  Not sure if people feel that's a viable option, but it's supposed to work that way I think.

Anyway. Back to the matters at hand... teaser time!  Enjoy =)

Sighing, Cynthia trotted gamely after Lord Spencer, frowning down at her dress as she did so.  She'd never been so easily dismissed by a man, especially not with her bosom so exposed.  Men did like her bosom, she'd found, and most of them were easily distracted when given a good view of it.  Lord Spencer had looked, but only for a moment and then he'd moved on to other things.
Maybe he was one of those men who preferred other dishes?
He certainly didn't seem the type though.  Of course she was only going by rumors about the men in question, but they did seem to dress a great deal fancier than Lord Spencer.  The Earl looked as if he didn't care a fig for his appearance, at least not when it came to style.  Though she thought he might be the most dashingly attractive man she'd ever seen.
Tall, shoulders as broad as a soldiers, and those pants hugged his legs tightly enough that unless he was wearing some very clever pads, he had most superbly muscled legs she'd ever seen.  Too bad he was apparently a stuffed shirt despite his roguish reputation and dress.
When they reached his study, Lord Spencer didn't turn to look at her until he'd reached his desk.  
"Close the door."  Once she had, he nodded at the chair in front of his desk.  It was a large, cushy armchair with broad arms.  More than once she'd snuck into the study for a quiet place to read, on those rare occasions when she was in the mood.  The chair was incredibly comfortable, not to mention welcoming.  
From his position leaning against the desk it would also give him quite a view down into her cleavage.  Cynthia smiled.  Maybe he wasn't as immune to her as he appeared.  That was a nice thought.  Although he just scowled at her even more when he saw her smiling. 
With another sigh, she moved across the room and settled down into the chair.  Again his eyes flicked down into her bosom and then away before coming back to her face.  It didn't look as though he was having any trouble keeping his gaze away from her exposed skin either.  
"Explain yourself."
"Explain myself?" she asked rather wonderingly.  How did one explain oneself?  She was just... herself.
Lord Spencer glared at her.  "Where were you, who were you with and why did you go?"
Oh, explain her actions.  Nearly as difficult as explaining herself when it came right down to it.  "I was out, with no one, because I was bored."
She'd found, over the years, that it was best to keep things simple when she lied.  The more vague she was and the less she had to remember, the easier it was to stick to her story.
Unfortunately Lord Spencer just looked even angrier.  Quicker than a snake he had his hand around her arm and she found herself lifted out of the chair, and just as quickly yanked her back down so that she was over his lap.  Squealing, she threw her hands out in front of her, pressing them against the ground so that she didn't slide right off of his thighs.  An iron bar was placed across her back, holding her securely in place, and her skirts were thrown up, followed by a quick jerk of fabric that pulled down her drawers.

"OUCH! Stop!"  Outraged, Cynthia bucked, but it was completely useless as his hard palm came down on the other side of her buttocks to give her a matching handprint. 

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  1. There is an app you can download to smart phone or Iphones and another for computers if you dont have a Kindle. They are all free and work very well. When I didnt have a kindle that is what I used.

    Love the teaser and it looks like this book is going to be a ton of fun!!!!!! thank you!

    Got it yesterday and Loved Demon duo! I am looking forward to reading your new persona's stories. ;)