Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Last Chapter of Marriage Training & the Future

So I am now working on what I think is going to be the last chapter of Marriage Training!  At least for Literotica.  Eventually (once I finish it) it will be coming out in book form, completely expanded and with a lot more going on that wasn't part of the Literotica story (such as some of the behind-the-scenes stuff with Dr. Monroe and Mrs. Banks that Vivian was unaware of).  Woo-hoo!!!!  I'm super excited about finishing up the story, although a little sad as well, but as with Venus, I can still be happy since it's not like I'm going to be completely saying goodbye to the characters.

I figured this would be a good time to talk a little bit about what's coming up in the future (although of course I don't have exact dates for everything yet, although I do have some goals).  After I'm done with Marriage Training for Literotica I'm going to be starting a new series that I haven't quite decided on a name for.  Rather than the past it's going to be set in the future, although I wouldn't call it Sci-Fi or Fantasy.

The basic premise is that the richest families have moved to an installation on the moon, while Mafia-like regimes have taken over business on Earth (which is where the poor live).  One of those regimes is led by a man known as The Wolf - occasionally the scions of the Moon Families will visit the Earth (for culture / education / vacations, etc.) and be kidnapped by The Wolf.  No ransom, and everyone is returned eventually, sometimes after a few days, sometimes after a few months.  Those who come home after a few days always talk of wild sexual orgies and deviance (those who are kept for a few months never talk about it), and it's become a popular past-time for the younger generation to risk The Wolf and take their vacation on Earth.  99% of them are never chosen to become one of his toys, but the inherent danger makes it fun.  He only takes individuals and couples, so traveling in a group provides some protection.  Alex is on vacation with his girlfriend, best friend and best friend's girlfriend Bella, when he and Bella discover their significant others cheating on them.  Angry, they leave the hotel and are on their way to the space shuttle port when they're knocked out by gases... they've been taken by The Wolf who is intrigued and delighted to have amusement in the form of a couple who is not a couple.

I'm rather excited about it.  I'm finding that the set-up is making it easier for me to plot out a lot of the darker stuff that I've been wanting to play with and haven't been able to... and also do more with mind-fucking, which I've enjoyed dabbling in during Marriage Training.

For books... next up on the docket is Book 3 of the Domestic Discipline Quartet, Seduction By Spanking, featuring Wes & Cynthia which should be out this winter.  Book 4, featuring Alex and Grace, I'm aiming to release Summer 2014.

Stronghold series!
Taming the Tease - featuring Rick Winter has the goal-release date of Spring 2014.
Protector - featuring Lexie & Patrick in Fall 2014
Bound to the Past - featuring Andrew
Future books will feature Michael, Jared, Leigh and Olivia (order undecided)

Stronghold novellas
Outside Stronghold - featuring non-BDSM romance stories about the siblings of the Stronghold characters including Jake (Lexie's brother), Percy and Captain (Angel's brothers), etc.
The Venus Effect - featuring some of the characters from The Venus School of Sex and what happened to them after they returned home, including Charity & Nick, and Paul returning to Fiona.

The Society of Sin series - although Marriage Training is not the first book chronologically, it will be the first book published in this series.  Chronologically speaking, it will fit in between Rex of the Dark and Dark Decisions (All of these are working titles and subject to change).  Stories will range from BDSM to swinging to Loving Wives themes.  There were some wild house parties and orgies back in the Victorian era and I'm looking forward to putting my own spin on them.

Marriage Training - revised and greatly expanded from its Literotica version
The Dark Marquess - Audrey Prescott is hired by the Marquess of Salisbury as a governess for his two daughters, Daphne and Hazel.  A sensual beauty, Audrey has always had trouble with her baser instincts, especially when it comes to attractive men, but she's always resisted because most of her employers have been married - although that hasn't stopped the ladies of the house from eventually firing her when their husbands won't stay away.  A widower with two daughters seems to be the perfect solution, although once Audrey is installed in the household she soon realizes that the whispers about the Marquess' wild reputation and deviant behaviors barely touch the surface of the truth.  Can she protect her charges from the decadence and dangers of the Marquess' household when she's so attracted to them, and the Dark Marquess, herself?
Sold to Sin - Daphne's story
Choosing Darkness - Hazel's story
Resisting Rex - Evangeline's story (first introduced in The Dark Marquess)
Dark Decisions - Emily's story (first introduced in Marriage Training)

Society of Sin Novellas - a series of novellas featuring some of the side characters and their various relationships, will include swinging, lesbianism, gay male, and BDSM stories.

So yeah.  That's... pretty much enough to cover the next couple of years.  Although, of course, there will be other things that I'm working on for Literotica.  But this is what's going on in my head book-wise.


  1. Holy Crap!!!!!
    I have enough trouble planing ahead for next week!

    Hats off to you!


    1. Hahaha thanks! Part of it is just that I come up with sooo many story ideas, so it's really just a matter of deciding what I'm going to write first =)

  2. Random question, will Marriage Training ever be published via Kindle? It was one of my favorite Literotica stories of yours and when I went to re-read it I remembered that you had taken it down. Any update you can share? Second unrelated random question...I'm pretty sure Amazon has buried the Planets Apart books (or you took them down). They were awesome too. I know your schedule is crazy, but any chance that series will be continued?