Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So the second chapter of Being the Maid has been submitted. Yay! So far getting a really good reception on the first chapter. That's rare for me in the Non-Con/Reluctance category... it's hard to get high enough scores for that little red H in that category. Almost as hard as it is to get one in the Loving Wives category =D  Really enjoying writing the story so far, although it's harder than I thought it would be... after all, Bridget does have three men to take care of, and she's still somewhat keeping track of what's going on with the Princess and Patrick! Eesh!

Anyway. Stronghold! I actually had storylines / ideas for the Stronghold Doms before they ended up being integrated into the Venus Rising series. Putting them into the Venus storyline was kind of a surprise for me as well, one that ended up making a lot of sense and allowed me to incorporate more of Hilary into the main storyline of Venus. So by the time I wrote Venus Aspiring, I had a lot of the characters at least partially plotted out and that little reference list (that I shared a couple days ago) already made.  Then I decided I probably needed to do the same thing for the club since I was going to be referring back to it a lot.  Before sitting down to write the scene in Venus Aspiring where Jessica describes the club, I drew out a floorplan and designed my own sex club.

This is what I refer back to every time I need to know where the rooms are / how the club is organized:

Main Floor:

Dungeon (Downstairs):
Second Floor:



  1. Looking forward to chapter 2 of Being the Maid. I personally think it has the potential to be one of your best stories. Looking forward to seeing where you take that storyline, and I hope it goes on for a while. :) My only negative comment on any of your writing is that sometimes I find your stuff to be a bit too short.

    1. Yeah I'm working on trying to keep things from being too short... it was def an issue I had when I first started writing. Hopefully slowly being corrected =)