Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back at the Beginning

The last chapter of Consequences is going to be submitted today... I'm pretty much back at the beginning on all of my projects.

I've decided that I'm definitely going to push back the release date for the third Poker Loser book and concentrate my efforts on Venus Desiring.  Hilary and Liam are calling to me. That and I have a minor obsession with the Stronghold Doms, I won't lie. They're clamoring for my attention at the moment. I am working a bit on Todd & Allison, but they're going slower because they're just not jumping up and down for it like the others.  My goal is to have Venus Desiring out mid-November. It might possible happen earlier than that, but I don't want to make any promises because I'm going to be going on a cruise next month and that's going to take out a chunk of my writing time.

For Lit I've started the new series I'm working on (thank you for the votes by the way =): Being the Maid.  I'm not going to be doing two series at once anymore, at least not for awhile.  I'm going to concentrate on one for Lit and whatever I'm doing for Kindle and write the occasional standalone story. Especially because I think I'm going to enter the Halloween and Christmas/Holidays contest this year. I haven't done a seasonal contest in awhile and I've got some fun ideas! I'm hoping that only having one on-going series for Lit at a time that I'll be able to work faster on everything in general. Two just started to get over whelming, considering that I'm also doing stuff for Kindle.

Anyway. I hope that everyone enjoyed Venus Aspiring, I'm looking forward to the next book! Once I have a teaser to post on the Venus page I'll let you know ;)

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  1. Loved aspiring........the other doms sound so interesting. I can't wait formoreabout Hilary and the other Doms. Also how the ménage plays out. Thanks for a great read.