Saturday, September 1, 2012

Written: Check; Editing: In Progress

Oh sweet relief... it's finished. Now comes the editing fun. Gotta make sure that everything makes sense. It's a looooong book. Although I don't think it's quite as long as Venus School.

Here's the skivvy... Venus Aspiring is what I would term an erotic romance. Similar to the Poker Loser series, the first book has a lot more sex in it than the second. Because the first was written for Literotica and so I put sex in every chapter.  Venus Aspiring has a lot more plot / character development going on, plus a lot of new characters now that they're back into their real lives, and a lot more conflict.  But there's also a lot of hot sex so I don't think anyone will be disappointed. I even managed to do a few new things with Justin, Chris and Jessica together as a threesome, which I enjoyed.

Secondary to their story, there is some more going on with Hilary which I hope you'll enjoy reading, because she's going to take the main focus of the next book.  You'll find that Venus Aspiring is about 85% Jessica, Justin and Chris and 15% Hilary.  Venus Desiring is going to be the flip side of that (although maybe more like 80-20). 

So. I'm going to go edit. My goal is to have the book submitted to Amazon by the end of this holiday weekend so that it will be out by Wednesday next week.

And then I'm going to have to concentrate on getting a few things out for Literotica because I've been super neglectful in that area.


  1. Ahhhhhh!!!! So excited!!! Although I love the extended weekend. Wednesday can't come sooner.

    1. I actually managed it sooner than I thought! Yay for Saturdays! And for getting things published so quickly. Tomorrow (Monday) it will be available for free.