Sunday, September 9, 2012

I Hate Kindle Fire

I've formatted Sarah's Private Dick for Kindle and everything is perfect EXCEPT for Kindle Fire. When I check out the "preview your book" option on THAT device, the first line of every paragraph is cut off. For every other kind of kindle, iphone, ipad, it's fine. Perfect. Looks glorious. But I'm having trouble justifying putting it out there on amazon when no one with a Kindle Fire should buy it.

I've been trying to figure out how to fix this for the past hour and it's FUCKING KILLING ME.  If I have to retype this whole thing I'm going to be PISSED. DAMN YOU KINDLE FIRE!

I think everyone should go return their kindle fires and get a regular kindle that's not going to be a pain in my ass. Sound good?  Yeah? GRR.

EDIT: I want to feel a lot of love from everyone with a Kindle Fire. I'm having to retype the whole story just to get it formatted correctly. *sigh*

EDIT 2: YAY I got it uploaded to Amazon intact and did not have to retype EVERYTHING. Thank god. So, if Amazon is as quick as it has been in the past, hopefully it should be available by tomorrow evening in which case I'll have it available for free on Tuesday.


  1. What software are you using to publish? My favorite ePub publisher is Calibre.

    My reader of choice is a rooted Nook Tablet running CyanogenMod CM7 version of Android. My favorite reader app is FBReader, but I have tried several other readers.

    My ePub creation process is as follows: I copy stories from Literotica, especially multi-part series, into MS Word, set the heading styles for book title(s) and chapters, save it as HTML, import the HTML doc into Calibre e-Book management software and save the story as ePub. Calibre does chapters/sub-chapters, titles, book covers, Tags, and Ratings. The resulting ePub works great in all the Android and PC readers I try the ePub results with.

  2. UPDATE - I went back and re-converted one of my ePub books into the Kindle Fire format .azw3 format using Calibre. When I opened the resulting .azw3 file in the Kindle PC reader - it had your same problem! The first line of each paragraph was missing.

    I tinkered with this a bit and found a solution. I went back to my MS Word format document and changed the Style for normal format text, specifically the Line Spacing options. I updated the Line Spacing options to have 12 pt. spacing after each paragraph. Saved the document in HTML format, imported into Calibre and regenerated as .awz3 format for Kindle Fire. When I opened this in the Kindle PC Reader, all the text is there! Success!

    So, maybe you don't have to re-type everything. Just update the line spacing options to have 12pt. spacing after each paragraph.

    Hope this works for you.

    1. Hey thanks for the help! I ended up figuring it out eventually. EESH. And I did not have to retype everything, thank GOD. Thanks!!!!