Saturday, September 15, 2012

Character Profiles

So, there are a lot of characters in the Venus World. Not just the ones at school, which I've mostly pushed off to the side for the moment, but the ones at Stronghold as well.  In fact, the ones at Stronghold take up a lot of brainspace, so I started writing down some key characteristics.  I thought you might enjoy seeing them... this is how I keep track of people ;)

Character Profiles:

Hilary Bryant 
Jessica’s best friend since they were ten years old. Blonde, brown eyes, 25 years old
Vanilla girl who likes preppy pretty boys but is getting more interested in BDSM - bedroom submissive who responds mostly to dominance / light erotic pain / role play

Olivia Williams
Domme at Stronghold, 32 years old, red hair, blue-grey eyes, Accounting Manager. Redskins fan (along with Justin). Friends with both Hilary and Jessica.

Liam Brock
Owns a dojo. Auburn brown hair & grey eyes. Shortest of the Stronghold Doms - around 5'11". Dominant in the bedroom, not a big fan of dealing out pain. Prefers honor bondage and verbal domination to ropes and whips. A "lenient" Dom in most regards.

Adam Rawn
Owns mid-sized temp / head-hunting company. Blonde hair, mustache and goatee, same height as Justin and Chris (6'3").  Kind of scary good at reading body language. Thirty years old. Known as being one of the less lenient Doms, but good at introducing new subs to the scene.

Ravens fan. Wears crisp white shirts when being ‘casual.’ Almost always dressed for business unless he’s at the gym or Liam’s dojo.

Patrick Murphy
Grew up in Colorado, die-hard Bears fan. Owns Stronghold. 6’5”, half black & half white, shaved bald, long scar going down left side of his face and bumps from a broken nose. Got into fights as kids, but the scar is from sword fighting his best friend Jake when they were teenagers.  His word is law.

Rick Winter
Colts fan (like his father who grew up in MD following them).
Lives in VA, 2 hours away, also works at Venus School which is how he met Justin & Chris. Wintery blue-grey eyes and dirty blonde hair.

Andrew Baez
Works bar at Stronghold, just returned from New York after a bad break-up with a vanilla girl that he fell in love with but who couldn't adjust to the lifestyle. Close with Chris - same friendliness / sense of humor, which has now been stymied a little after the break-up. Hispanic. Dark brown skin and black hair.

Jared Hersom
Works some nights as a bouncer at Stronghold, 6’4”, heavily muscled. Creamy mocha skin, warm chocolate eyes and just a bristling of hair less than a quarter of an inch long.

Has an on-again off-again mess of a relationship with a sub named Marissa Dubois, rarely plays with others even when they’re off again (although she does) and never touches someone who isn’t 100% single.

Jake Standish
Justin’s best friend. Not a Dom, totally vanilla alpha male. Currently overseas in Iraq.

Lexie Standish
23 years old, Jake (Patrick’s best friend’s) little sister. Works the front desk at Stronghold because she’s interested in BDSM but all the Doms are too big brother to let her through the actual doors of the club.  Has a major crush on Patrick who is supposed to be watching over her for her brother.  Black hair & blue eyes.

Those are the major players that I have going on right now. There will be more later... cuz you know, I want them all to find love and happiness hahahaha.  Eventually I'll do a full character profile for all of them. This is just kind of a glimpse into my writing style. The more I learn about them, the more I add to these little blurbs so that if I ever can't remember something I look back and go "oh, okay". You'd be shocked by how often I forget their last names or eye color or whatever. LOL.

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek into how I write and also into the characters!

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