Friday, September 21, 2012

Author's Notes

I write them for a reason. I don't write one for every single story that I write. Well, I used to. Or at least, did a lot more often. But now I only put one in if I really think something needs to be said before a reader starts in on a story, usually it will have something to do with either the fact that the story was a reader request and thanking said reader OR it's because there's something in the story which may effect people's enjoyment of said story.

Like things taken out of historical context or an item being inserted into a time period when no such item existed. If I were to do this, like, say, with Chapter 2 of Being the Maid, then I would put such information into an Author's Note, to warn people who prefer historical stories to be 100% historically accurate.  Oh wait, I did that, and someone still had to comment on it.

I try to be generous and think that maybe they just didn't know what "anachronistic" was. Then I decided that no, I still have a right to vent because they were obviously on a computer reading said story and therefore could have taken .5 seconds to look it up. Like... seriously.


Drives me up the wall. Which, I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir, because anyone reading this blog has already taken the time to find the blog and to sit down and read it... which means that you already have more patience than someone who can't either (a) take the time to read a quick author's note or (b) look up the word anachronistic. So they're not reading this and I'm just venting to people who have more brains/patience/awesomeness than them. And to all of those who left follow-up comments to that original commenter, if you're reading this, thank you =) It's wonderful to be defended, even if you're not doing it so much for me as you are for the veracity of historical knowledge, it's still wonderful and makes me feel a lot better.

I almost feel like apologizing for the rant, but I kinda figure that's what the blog is for sometimes.

In writing news! I've started on the third chapter. Am now feeling extremely tempted to throw in a bunch of actual anachronisms. Just because I'm petty like that. Trying to resist because I don't want to ruin a story that I'm really enjoying.  Also liking the fact that this story starts out with a ton of sex and eventually develops a plot, which is opposite to a lot of romances / storylines.  Ohhhh the fun of non-con/reluctance! I won't lie, I'm not entirely sure where the story is going to go. I know that I want some romance added in there. And I had an idea of who Bridget's romantic man was going to be. Lately I'm not so sure. It could get interesting. We'll see.

The Halloween story is starting to look like the longest stand alone I will have ever written. I'm on page 17 and only halfway through the foreplay. Heh heh... people who critique that my stories are too short will hopefully eat this one up! That's the goal anyway =) This one's looking to be even longer than Chris Hemsworth: Sex God.

I've also written a whole bunch for Venus Desiring. Hilary and Liam are freaking fascinating to me.  I'm going to be writing some of my first ever role-playing scenes soon and I'm very excited about that. They're bringing out some facets of me that I hadn't known existed before. Liam is especially a challenge because of his preferences when it comes to BDSM. Really finding it enjoying to write, so hopefully people will find it enjoying to read. If it ends up being a comparable length to Venus Aspiring then I'm about 1/6 of the way done with it.


  1. Some people are just ignorant.., Yes, this is your blog which I discovered when you wrote your note and have been following for quite some time. I enjoy your rambling as well as your stories. I am so excited about the Dom´s books! It will be amazing! boo

  2. Well, one of my biggest beefs with a lot of your 'chapters' is that they can be a bit short for my tastes, but I do love your writing. One of the more consistantly good writers on Lit. And I'm loving your 'Being the Maid' story so far. Has so much potential, and could rapidly become one of my favorites depending on where you take it and how long it goes for. :)