Thursday, September 6, 2012


Just some random thoughts going around my head right now. Gonna free write... see how it goes.

I want to go to a BDSM club. Not sure how to bring this up to hubby. I'd like more hands on experience. Ordered some toys from the Literotica store. I hope he liked them. I've never had my ankles restrained. Wanted to.

Been reading a lot lately. Red Pheonix has released two new Brie books. If you like my writing you'll probably like hers a lot although the overall price ends up being more than my stuff (per page) but the quality is well worth it in my opinion.

Got a good chunk of the first chapter of Venus Desiring done today as well as the first chapter for the Being the Maid series which is the next thing coming to Literotica. Submitted Consequences last night.  Incest/taboo is not my favorite category to write in but I get so many requests for it that I feel rather compelled to give people what they want. I enjoyed writing Consequences more than I thought I would, but I think that's just because Uncle Max was a pretty devious guy and he took me to places I haven't gone before with the writing.

I think I've been doing that a lot in general anyway though, writing about new things. Different things. Trying to explore areas that I haven't previously.  I don't want my stories to all start to be the same. That's a constant worry of mine. Especially given the limited vocabulary surrounding sex. Trying not to re-use words too often or descriptions. Reading romances lately has given me lots of euphemisms LOL.  They're a lot of fun.

The other thing I need to do is make some time to make some jewelry. I have some steampunk pieces that I'd like to make. I might spend some time doing that this weekend. It's just hard balancing everything sometimes. Hubby. Family. Friends. Writing. Me time. *sigh*  The good news? Overall, very happy with my life. Of course I'm also a pretty positive person. That helps.

Want to know something really fun? Several of the Stronghold characters are based on friends. Many are not. But a few are. Master Adam is based heavily on my hubby. Yum. It makes it easier for me if I give characters some parts of people that I actually know. Sometimes it's people from my past, sometimes it's people currently in my life. The bartender, Andrew, is also based on someone I know. So is Lexie. I adore Lexie, btw. She's going to have so much fun throwing the Doms off their game. Big brother alpha force brought to their knees by a little black haired pixie. I can't even tell you how excited I am for her book.

First things first though. Chris is growing on me. Justin was my favorite originally, I won't lie, but the more I write about Chris the more I like him. He and Hilary are bonding. Check out the Venus Rising Quartet page for a teaser scene from Venus Desiring. 

That's all for today folk. Today was obviously a rambling blog day. Hopefully it didn't completely put you off reading stuff I write!

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  1. I love these days it allows me to see the way your amazing mind works especially when I have millions of stories in my head going round and round hearing you ramble like this reminds me that it's ok for my thoughts to be all over the place though I have decided that thinking of the erotic stories in my head while working with individuals under the age of 18 is problematic and I should really try to stop