Saturday, October 20, 2012

About Requests

Chapter 5 of Being the Maid is now available on Literotica! YAY! Going by the comments it seems like people are enjoying reading about Garrett and Bridget's first real night together =D Good stuff! I enjoyed writing it so that's always nice to know hahahaha. 

So, I have been getting a lot of reader requests lately. Which I love, because other people come up with ideas that I never would on my own and it means that I can write much more interesting stuff than I could on my own. Also, it always makes me feel really flattered that someone wants me to write their fantasy.

The other thing I've been getting a lot of lately is people checking up on requests that they have previously made.  All I can say is... it's a long wait. For several reasons. One is the sheer amount of requests that I get in. I have a loooooooooong list of requests from people.  Another reason is because of the way I'm trying to streamline my writing at the moment. Working on two series simultaneously for Literotica while also working on stuff for Kindle was just too much, so I've knocked it down to working on one series at a time and occasional stand-alone stories (many of which are also reader requests) to ensure good quality and a timely pace for my work.  The third reason is because I'm also getting a lot of requests to complete series that I started a long time ago on Lit and never finished. I want to finish these because I feel like it's kind of... um... rude I guess is the best word?... not to. I don't want to leave people hanging. Esp when I'm getting multiple requests/comments asking me to complete the series. I'm going to be trying to focus on finishing up a couple of those in the next month (Instruction, From Terra, and Witch being the ones I get the most "PLEASE FINISH THIS!" requests from).

And the most important reason is desire. Mood. Attitude. Whatever you want to call it, I can't write a good story without it.

Can I write a story that I'm not in the mood to write? Absolutely. I can force myself to it. But anyone who's ever worked on any kind of creative project knows that there's a huge difference between forcing yourself and being motivated.  When I force myself to write something it takes me twice as long and it's not as good. I have to be in the mood. This is part of why I work on more than one story at a time, because if I'm not in the mood for one I can work on a different one.

I do try to work down my list of requests in order that they were made... but I do not always work in strict order. Sometimes I have a flash of brilliance about someone's request and it gets bumped up to the head of the line... because it will be so much faster for me to write that story and it will be a really GOOD story rather than trying to force myself to write something else that I'm not really feeling at the moment and am having trouble being interested in.

Unfortunately the creative urge does not always work the way I wish it would.

So if you're waiting and have been waiting for awhile... I apologize but that might not change any time soon. But I will get to you. 

On the plus side, I have a story submitted - A Rough Sorority Rite - that actually combined TWO reader requests (Gemini, if you read this blog, this is one for you and I hope you enjoy since I know a lot of my more recent stuff hasn't been as much your style =) and I'm going to keep on taking requests and writing them. And I'm getting a laptop tomorrow and I'm hoping that will help increase my output =D Here's hoping!

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