Monday, October 15, 2012

*Cracks the Whip*

Back to work! And by work I mean my job and also my writing =D

I'm... mostly over my cold. Like, 85% over it. However, this is such a vast improvement to how I felt all week last week and most of the weekend that in my head I'm feeling GREAT! Hopefully tomorrow will be even better!

The good news: I've gotten some good work done because I'm feeling better.

The bad news: I'm still not finished with anything.


I have this bad habit of starting books when I'm still in the middle of writing other ones... although I'm trying hard to focus on the ones that I've already got going. I'm 5 chapters in to Venus Desiring and things are going really well with it... I hope you've all enjoyed the teasers that I've been sharing. It's looking like it's probably going to be a little longer than Venus Aspiring, probably because I need to fill in a lot of back story for Hilary and Liam, and Jessica, Justin and Chris still have their own story going on. I doubt anyone's going to complain about it being long =) But just an FYI, that means that the November release date might need to be pushed back (especially because I'm going on a week long cruise in a couple weeks and unless I get a laptop before then, that's an entire week that I won't be getting any work done... even if I DO get a laptop before then there's no guarantee I'll be getting any work done =D)

 I'm about 2/3 of the way through the fifth chapter of Being the Maid.  And really enjoying it. Garrett and Bridget are a lot of fun for me, especially now that they're finally getting their first real night together. I don't count that first night that he spent with her in his bedroll because he chivalrously didn't take advantage of her presence since she was already so sore.  So this is their first real night, Garrett is just as sexy as I thought he would be and Bridget is actually surprising me... he calls her a little minx and I have to agree! Hopefully that's something to look forward to for people =) I'm hoping to complete that chapter by Wednesday. I'd like to get chapter 6 up before I go on vacation.

Sins of the Sorority (I originally considered calling it Pledging but changed my mind) is taking forever to write. I'm probably going to make it into a two-parter just so that I can get some of it out on Literotica soon. It was supposed to be a standalone but I'm just having too many good ideas for what should go into it and I'm caught between making it forever long or cutting out some of the stuff that I want to write. So I'm going to go with making it long. I just have to finish up the first scene and then I'm going to submit that part and start on the second scene. It's only going to have two scenes though. If you're wondering what I'm talking about I mentioned it on my Productivity blog post. In fact, just for funsies, here's a little snippet:

Lacey Alexander knelt, blindfolded, with the other girls who were pledging Delta Beta, the most prestigious sorority on campus.  Quite possibly the most prestigious in the nation.  Over a hundred girls had tried to rush on her campus alone and she still wasn't entirely sure how she'd been so honored to make the final cut. With so many girls competing, the sorority had their pick of the best, brightest and most beautiful. Girls with the grace of a southern belle and the brains to run Fortune 500 companies.  Being in Delta Beta almost guaranteed one of the brightest futures possible because of the connections that were created through the sorority.

They didn't care about where you came from either. The sorority took in everything from students were on full scholarships to students who had never spent half a minute thinking about the cost of something before buying it.  In fact, Lacey wasn't entirely sure what the members were looking for other than beauty, grace, social skills, brains and the overwhelming desire to join.  There seemed to be an indefinable "it" quality to every single one of the girls who had made it through the past weeks as the sorority members thinned the herd.  Some of the most beautiful girls had been cut along with some of the smartest.  Although, of course, those that remained were both stunning and intelligent.  Some shown with more of an inner beauty than an obvious one.

Being quite beautiful, with pale creamy skin that never tanned, and goldish-red hair that she kept in short waves down to her shoulders, Lacey fit in very well with all the other beauties. She had a curvy body with just a little pouch of a stomach, gorgeous 34DD breasts that were tipped with nipples of palest pink, and big green eyes that a boy had once compared to jade. 

But beauty alone wouldn't get you in.  Most importantly was the overwhelming desire to be part of Delta Beta, because going through pledging was utter hell.  Lacey had done things in the past few weeks that she'd never imagined in her life. Not just embarrassing things like only being able to wear footie pajamas to her classes for a week.  Although she'd lost her virginity on her 18th birthday, nothing had prepared her for the sexual demands of the sorority girls during rush.  At any point, Lacy could be ordered to get on her knees and eat a member's pussy. And had done so, many, many times.

Now tonight was the last night that she would have to get through and she knew that the sorority members were going to make it hard. Already they were pinching, groping, sticking their fingers into Lacey's pussy which was becoming wetter by the second. All of the pledges had been ordered to kneel down with their knees spread, naked, before putting their blindfolds on and clasping their hands behind their backs. The position made all of them incredibly vulnerable.

The adrenaline and arousal pumping through her veins made it hard to keep still, especially as fingers wriggled between her legs and tugged at her nipples.  Every now and then one of the pledges would let out a low moan.  Anxiety was running high. There were so many rumors on campus about what happened the last night, about the sexual debauchery and possibly even sexual torture that pledges would be forced to go through, to prove how much they wanted to be in Delta Beta. Lacey wanted it a lot.

Not just wanted. Needed.  Lacey knew that this was the best chance to get out of the near-poverty that her family had been living in, to have a bright and shining future guaranteed.  Being on scholarship, she knew that the best thing for her was to get into Delta Beta. All sorts of connections would open up for her and her life would no longer be uncertain. 

All she had to do was get through tonight and all those open doors would be hers. Waiting for one of the sorority girls to choose her for the night was one of the most torturous experiences she'd ever had.

Not Zara, not Zara, not Zara, she thought silently to herself, almost like a prayer.